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Lean in Memes – 10 Lean Startup Ideas Explained in Memes

Have you yet heard your startup should be Lean? I bet you did.

So with internet memes finally going completely viral and mainstream, thanks to 9gag, Reddit and co, we thought of doing a set of memes just for the Lean Startup.

Here are just a few of the most important concepts of lean startups, explained with the latest internet memes!



1.) “How minimal should your MVP be?” “Probably much more minimal than you think”

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2.) You will never have complete information – act anyway

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3.) Good guy Greg startup founder: “Validate your assumptions”


4.) Use 5 Why’s to get to the root cause of a problem

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5.) Don’t get stuck in “No one cares” land with your idea

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6.) Hmm…

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7.) Scumbag startup founder


8.) Time to rethink A/B Testing?


9.) Don’t bullshit yourself


10.) Maybe Eric Ries screwed us all over



Pro Tip: Personally email your first 1000 signups

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Did you catch them all? 

Hope you enjoyed this as much as we (the Buffer guys), did creating it. 🙂

Ideas for more? Post them in the comments below:

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