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10 Simple Ways to Get More Customers Using Psychology

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Leo Widrich
Leo Widrich Team Buffer

So here is a simple question, what do you need to do, to get more customers? The intuitive response that most would give to this topic (me included), are a good product, good marketing, good customer support and so forth. But what if we could actually look into our customers heads to truly understand how we they are thinking?

That’s exactly what our great friends, Gregory Ciotti over at HelpScout have done, to produce this fascinating infographic. It talks about 10 simple things that you can apply today to convert more of your customers by understanding how they think.

Each of these points is fascinating and comes from a well researched study. The most valuable lesson in here, that we’ve also seen as one of the most important ones here at Buffer is to highlight shortcomings to show your strength:

Customers were more trustworthy of companies that admitted “strategic failings”, over those that blamed external sources on the problem (even if they were true.) ~ Fiona Lee

Here are the 10 golden lessons for you to master in order to get more customers converted to your side:

Interested in learning more about these great studies on converting and getting more customers? The HelpScout team has also worked on a full e-book going into lots more detail about each of these points. They also give you hands on tips on how to get to more customers easily.

The best part – It’s free! Take a look at their ebook.

What are your best tips for winning new customers over? Have you tried any of the simple techniques above to get more customers turned into buyers? I’d love your thoughts on this in the comments.

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