Drive more sales through Instagram

Connect your “link in bio” to multiple URLs viewed on a shoppable page, powered by your Instagram grid and your trusted friends at Buffer.

Shop Grid, plus a full suite of advanced Buffer features

Use Shop Grid, and link to multiple products in your bio without a third-party tool. Upgrading unlocks Buffer’s premium Publish features including the power to add more users, schedule more posts, and get advanced analytics.

A shoppable page as well-designed as your brand

Get a grid-inspired landing page integrated with your Buffer dashboard, and link Instagram to your online store and content. No third-party tools or additional design resources necessary.

Social media scheduling

A frictionless funnel from ‘check out’ to checkout

The easier it is for your customers to buy, the more sales you’ll see. Make it simple for your Instagram audience with a link in your bio that’s one click away from your online store.

Social media analytics

The simplicity of Buffer’s scheduling brought to your “link in bio”

Add a product page link to your scheduled posts, and your shoppable page will automatically update with the latest content. View your grid inside Buffer, and confidently plan your content.

Social media team collaboration

Take your Instagram engagement
to the next level