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Productivity Tips and Tools from the Buffer Community

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Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller Director of People @ Buffer
Productivity Tips and Tools from the Buffer Community

The Buffer community shared their favorite productivity tools, tips and books in #bufferchat!

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What are your top three essential productivity apps?

Resources shared by the community:

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How do you balance authenticity with automation?

  • “With one rule. Automate content NOT conversation!” @lifeofaworkgirl
  • “Integrate your brand personality into whatever you’re automating…only use automation for select things. Always BE THERE.” @weintraubl
  • “Schedule a few basic things in advance, but make sure you’re available for interaction / engaging regularly.” @sarahfromDC

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What’s the greatest productivity advice you’ve ever received?

  • “The best productivity advice: Plan your work and work your plan. Love that one!” @madalynsklar
  • “Focus, focus, focus. Don’t try to do everything & get swamped and stretched. Less is more – go for quality” @bditcheva
  • “If something takes less than 2 min to complete, or can be started in 2 min, do it. Our director swears by it!” @brighthausgroup

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What productivity book or method has helped you with your workflow?

  • “As with everything, find what works best for you. Keep testing your workflow to find optimizations.” @benbrausen
  • “Mindfulness has helped me more than anything. Bringing myself back to the present helps me focus on the task at hand” @J_rouser
  • “I prefer to use classic methods such as manually writing out my to-do list. Repetition helps me remember!” @Anne_E_Mercer

Books recommended:

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How often do you reflect on your routine and workflow?

  • “Daily! Doesn’t mean I make changes everyday but means that I react if needed and change routines as needed!” @joelrrenner
  • “Daily or weekly. Daily, if I feel things aren’t flowing. At the end of week I think about improvements for moving forward.” @TheMissNicolina
  • “Every time I use a workflow or routine I evaluate how well it worked for that task and how I can make it better” @sales_prodigy

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For anyone working alone, remotely or freelancing, do have any tips on self-motivating?

  • “Keep a routine. Have regular “office” hours. I keep my laptop ONLY in home office and don’t go into office when not working” @lucyrk78
  • “Work out your style. If that means work at night, do it. Don’t be afraid to test something new” @biancajsmith
  • “I’ve worked remote for 17 years, build a solid to do list, knock it out then take a break enjoy being remote” @rockatdell

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Who do you follow for good productivity tips?

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Thank you so much for everyone who joined in on this great chat!

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