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How to Get More Followers on LinkedIn

In this article, we’ll give you the definitive guide to increasing your LinkedIn following and making it a major part of your social strategy.

Jan 8, 2024 7 min readLinkedIn
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Tamilore Oladipo

Content Writer @ Buffer

In November 2023, LinkedIn reached a huge milestone: it passed the one-billion-user mark. But only 1 percent of LinkedIn users actively publish content on the platform, meaning there’s still a lot of growth waiting to happen – and many potential followers to gather.

I can personally attest to the power of focusing your creative efforts on LinkedIn, as my own account sits at over 11,000 followers as a result of consistent posting over the past 4 years. Building this following has helped me build credibility and get opportunities to work with some incredible companies and people.

So, if you’ve been thinking about using LinkedIn as a launchpad for your creator career or are currently in that process, you’re not alone. 

In this article, we’ll give you the definitive guide to growing your LinkedIn following and making it a major part of your social strategy.

Buffer's LinkedIn Analytics offers in-depth insights, allowing you to iterate and enhance your LinkedIn strategy for better reach and engagement.

First and foremost, optimize your LinkedIn profile

A crucial first step in establishing your online presence and attracting the right audience is optimizing your profile.

The way LinkedIn’s algorithm works is that it pulls similar creators onto the same feed to increase discoverability. So if your profile is optimized the same way as other creators in your niche, the better your chances of landing on the same feed as them.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Activate Creator mode: LinkedIn's Creator mode is a feature designed to enhance the visibility of content creators. Activating this mode changes your primary profile action from 'Connect' to 'Follow,' making it easier for new connections to follow your content. It also provides access to creator-specific analytics and insights, allowing you to track your engagement and reach.
  2. Craft a compelling headline: Your LinkedIn headline is your digital business card – and a big help with the LinkedIn algorithm. It should encapsulate who you are and why people should connect with you. Rather than simply listing your job title, use this space to share your value proposition, your passions, or your mission. Tailor it to your audience, use specific keywords, and be accurate and honest. 
  1. Write a helpful and detailed profile summary: Your profile summary is where you can share more about your experiences, expertise, and interests. It's also a space to share your personal or business vision. Use it to tell the story of your career journey and why someone should follow you or engage with your content. Feel free to also leave a call-to-action – an offer for a coffee chat is my preferred CTA.
Lara Acosta's profile summary tells a story of her career journey and invites people to work with her to replicate her success.
  1. Use the Featured section: The Featured section is a space to showcase your most popular and engaging content. This could include articles, videos, presentations, or any other content that highlights your expertise and value.

Remember, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is not a one-time task. Regularly update your profile with new experiences, skills, and achievements, and engage with relevant content and connections to continue building your network.

For more advice for optimizing your LinkedIn profile, check out this article.

Create content that resonates with your audience

Creating engaging content on LinkedIn is a powerful – and pretty much the only – way to establish your authority and grow your network and follower count. The reason your LinkedIn feed keeps you engaged is because it only recommends the people you’re likely to engage with, thanks to the ever-present algorithm. 

Here are some strategies to help you create compelling content on LinkedIn:

  1. Know your audience: Understanding your target audience is the foundation of any effective content strategy. What are their interests, concerns, and goals? Which of these things can you speak to on LinkedIn? This information will guide you in creating content that resonates with them. 
  2. Craft engaging content hooks: The hook is the first thing your audience sees, so make it count. Your hooks should be compelling and inspire your audience to click on the three dots that hide the rest of your content and maybe hit the Follow button.
  3. Post consistent and relevant content: Consistency is key on LinkedIn. Aim to post at least once a day to maintain an active presence and engage your network. We analyzed over five million posts and found that between 9 am-5 pm on weekdays is the sweet spot for posting.
  1. Use various content types: LinkedIn supports various content types, each with its own benefits. These include text-only posts, single-image posts, multi-image posts, native videos, PDF carousels, articles, and newsletters. Experiment with these different formats to see what resonates most with your audience. The type of content you post matters – our research found that video content performs marginally better than any other format – closely followed by image and carousel posts.
  1. Start a newsletter: Speaking of LinkedIn’s content types, there’s no better way to do LinkedIn content than to publish a newsletter. It will not only help you consistently publish high-quality content but can also help with discoverability by improving your SEO as search engines frequently pick up long-form LinkedIn articles.
A snapshot of my LinkedIn newsletter as displayed in the feed
  1. Share valuable content: Your content should provide value to your audience. This could be educational content, industry insights, professional milestones, or thought leadership pieces. Your audience shouldn’t have to leave LinkedIn to get the full story either – incorporate zero-click content into your strategy.
  2. Use hashtags strategically: Hashtags can help categorize your content as part of your chosen niche and make it more discoverable to your target audience. It's recommended to use three to five relevant hashtags in each post at the very bottom of your post (not in the content itself – that’s messy).
  3. Leverage LinkedIn analytics: LinkedIn provides analytics that can help you understand how your content is performing. Use these insights to refine your content strategy over time. Analytics informed a good part of my experiment publishing AI content on LinkedIn for a week.

The goal of your content should not just be to reach as many people as possible but to engage with your audience and build meaningful connections. In fact, random connections can hurt your visibility in the LinkedIn algorithm, as it prioritizes sharing content that lots of people are engaging with. If your content isn’t relevant to your new followers because they 

Engage and network with the people in your network

Engagement and networking on LinkedIn are essential for creators to build relationships, increase visibility, and establish credibility within their industry. Here are some strategies to enhance your engagement and networking efforts on the platform:

  1. Engage with your audience: Interaction is a two-way street. When you make your LinkedIn posts, set aside time to respond to comments and messages. This shows that you value your audience's input and encourages further engagement, which can increase the visibility of your posts.
  2. Connect with industry influencers: Identify and connect with influencers in your field. Engage with their content thoughtfully and frequently to increase their awareness of you. Then, consider sending connection requests with personalized messages to build a rapport. This personal touch can significantly affect how potential connections perceive your request and lead to more meaningful interactions. These connections can lead to collaborations or endorsements that amplify your reach.
  3. Collaborate with other creators: Collaboration can be a powerful tool for growth. Partner with other creators on content projects, webinars, or live discussions. Jayde Powell frequently invites other LinkedIn creators to participate in her live #CreatorTeaTalk discussions. The sessions are valuable, they diversify her content and offer a unique networking opportunity.

By focusing on genuine engagement and strategic networking, you can build a strong foundation of followers who are not just numbers but active participants in your LinkedIn journey. Remember, the quality of your connections often matters more than the quantity when it comes to professional networking.

Use LinkedIn features to boost your growth

Leveraging LinkedIn's built-in features can significantly enhance a creator's ability to grow their following and increase engagement. Here's how you can make the most of these tools:

  1. Creator Mode: In addition to the 'Follow' button to help grow your audience, Creator Mode provides you with additional analytics to track your performance. It also allows you to feature topics you post about, which can help attract followers interested in those subjects.
  2. LinkedIn Live and Events: Take advantage of LinkedIn Live and Events to engage with your audience in real time. Live videos often see higher engagement rates than pre-recorded ones. Hosting events can also position you as a thought leader and help you connect with followers through more interactive and personal experiences.
  3. Newsletters: LinkedIn's newsletter feature lets you publish regular content your followers can subscribe to. This is an excellent way to stay top of mind with your audience and provide consistent value through in-depth articles and updates.
  4. LinkedIn Polls: Create polls to engage with your audience and gather insights. Polls can be a great way to start conversations and learn more about your followers' preferences and opinions.

For more insight into the different LinkedIn features that could benefit your follower growth, check out this article.

Stick to one or two tactics to avoid overwhelming yourself

While the strategies outlined in this article provide a comprehensive guide, it's important to remember that, like with most other social media platforms, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Experiment with different tactics, analyze your results, and adjust your strategy accordingly. The key is to remain authentic, provide value, and stay consistent.

As you post content and continue to grow your LinkedIn presence, remember that every connection you make and every conversation you engage in brings you one step closer to your goals, whether to grow your business or personal brand. So, start implementing these strategies today, and watch your LinkedIn community thrive.

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