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Aja Frost

Aja Frost

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9 Unique Ways to Explain Social Media Marketing to Pretty Much Anyone (Even Your Boss)

Quick quiz for social media marketers: Raise your hand if you’ve ever been asked, “So, you get paid to go on Facebook?” Probably quite a few of us, right? People get social media. But it seems many are still bewildered by social media marketing. So how can you explain the value of what you do, to those who matter most to you? To be sure, social media marketing is an incredibly new (and ever-changing) industry, unlike finance, engineering, sales, law, medicine, and more established fields. Pl

7 Types Of Awesome Social Media Content Your Brand Can Be Creating Right Now

Have you ever wondered why people love eating at buffets? It’s not because all-you-can-eat options are better for your wallet; in fact, economists have proved ordering traditional dishes is actually cheaper . Humans crave variety. With a buffet ticket, you can try the dumplings, the salad, the spare ribs, brussels sprouts, and the pasta—and that variety makes you feel good [https://

ResourcesJun 8, 2016
5 Old School Social Media Tactics That Are No Longer Effective (And What To Do Instead)

There are few greater joys in a marketer’s life than experimenting with a new technique—and having it work like a charm. You feel like a cross between a scientist, an artist, and a magician, am I right? After doing a little celebrating, you officially add the tactic to your repertoire, update your dashboards, and then probably start searching for the next thing to try. And because you’re always looking forward, you might not notice that technique that worked so well when you first used it?

ResourcesJun 1, 2016
How 8 Departments That Aren’t Marketing Can Use Social Media

Whole Foods has gone all in on social media. In addition to its main Twitter account (boasting 4.83 million followers), there are hundreds of smaller ones run by individual stores. Many locations also have their own Facebook pages, with follower counts any marketer would be happy with. For example, Whole Foods Austin has more than 32,000 fans. Clearly, there isn’t a single department that “owns” social media at Whole Foods. It belongs to everyone: from the CEO, who blogs about the natural food

Online MarketingAug 19, 2015
The Next Big Marketing Channel: How and Why to Create a Community With Slack

Many successful marketing campaigns involve groups. Some companies have their own LinkedIn or Google+ groups, while others stick to participating in relevant groups and chats. Whichever strategy your company takes, being involved in groups is a great way to find community, engage current audience members and prospective customers, build your brand, add value to your customer’s lives, and keep track of the industry’s climate. And now, there’s a new alternative when it comes to social media grou

Online MarketingJun 29, 2015
19+ Free Tools to Start Your Podcast From Scratch

Hey there, podcast fans! We recently launched a new podcast of our very own, Buffer CultureLab! We’d love for you to check it out and share any thoughts, feedback or ideas with us! You can listen on iTunes here or Google Play here. ? OK, now back to the post! “Slack is starting a podcast for some reason.” That was the headline of a recent article. Author Tom Huddleston, Jr. wondered why Slack, “a hot Silicon Valley company with a fast-growing valuation,” would “make the most of i