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How to Use TikTok Hashtags for Growth (+ The Best Hashtags of 2024 So Far)

Tamilore Oladipo
Tamilore Oladipo Content Writer @ Buffer
How to Use TikTok Hashtags for Growth (+ The Best Hashtags of 2024 So Far)

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If you're a TikTok creator, you've probably heard about hashtags. They can be a serious game changer for boosting TikTok SEO and getting more eyes on your content.

In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know about TikTok hashtags, including how to find them, using the right ones for your content, along with a list of the trending TikTok hashtags across several industries for 2024.

Here’s how to improve your reach and grow your following on TikTok with hashtags.

What are TikTok hashtags?

As is the case on most social media platforms, TikTok hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the "#" symbol used to categorize content on the platform. When a user adds a hashtag to their video, it becomes searchable by other users under that specific hashtag.

When someone searches for a hashtag, they are presented with a feed of all the videos that have been tagged with that hashtag, allowing them to find content that is relevant to their interests.

Depending on the popularity of certain hashtags, TikTok may even create ‘featured pages’ to highlight trending topics, which users can favorite and follow. Think of these pages as ‘For You pages (or FYPs) for specific topics. Here are some examples of current TikTok trends, #BookTok and #MomsofTikTok:

This makes it easier for users to discover new content and for creators to reach a wider audience. The use of hashtags on TikTok plays a crucial role in helping users categorize their content and increase their visibility on the platform. 

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The benefits of using TikTok hashtags

Across platforms, hashtags are a powerful social media marketing tool. On TikTok in particular, hashtags help to categorize your content, which in turn helps the people who are looking for content in your niche discover you more easily. Here are some of the benefits of using TikTok hashtags:

  • Increased visibility: Adding a hashtag to your TikTok video makes it searchable by other users and increases its chances of being discovered.
  • Reach a wider audience: TikTok hashtags make it easier for creators to reach a target audience that is interested in the same topics.
  • Viral potential: If your video is well-received and relevant to a particular hashtag, it has an increased chance of going viral and reaching a large audience.
  • Improved engagement: Using hashtags that are relevant to your content can lead to increased engagement from users who are interested in the same topics. Engagement is a very important signal to the TikTok algorithm — the more interactions you get, the more likely your video is to be surfaced on new audience’s For You pages. 
  • Increased followers: By using popular and relevant hashtags, you can attract new followers who are interested in your content.
  • Increased brand exposure: Brands can use TikTok hashtags to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience, leading to increased brand exposure and recognition.

Using hashtags can help you build your brand on TikTok. When you consistently use the same hashtags in your content, users will start to associate those hashtags with your brand. This can help you build a loyal following and increase your overall visibility on the platform.

How to find the right hashtags for your TikTok

There are several ways to find trending TikTok hashtags. My personal favorite TikTok’s Creative Center tool is the perfect solution to quickly finding the right hashtags. 

It’s great for finding the hard data on hashtag popularity by their numbers, industry, and regions. You can even find trending TikTok sounds, videos, and creators that are making waves right now.

popular tiktok hashtags

The only downside is that the experience doesn’t come in the TikTok app, so it’s a bit more difficult to dive deep into other content on your phone since you have to do all your research in your browser. 

So, here’s how to find the right hashtags for your TikTok manually:

1. Open TikTok, click on the search button at the top-right of the screen, and type in your query.

For example, if you want to create a cooking video showing off a recipe, you can search for the keyword "recipe ideas". If you want to get even more niche, search for a keyword that is specific to the type of recipe like healthy recipes or beginner recipes.

hashtags for tiktok

2. The hashtags associated with your query will be displayed under the "Hashtags" section. Scroll through the results to see all the hashtags that are related to your keyword. The number of views for the hashtag will also be displayed beside each one.

how to find tiktok hashtags

3. Check what content is being created under that hashtag. Keep a mental note of how many likes, comments, and views the videos have, as well as which creators appear repeatedly under that hashtag. This can give you an idea of its popularity.

4. Select the hashtags that are relevant to your content and that you believe will reach your target audience. You can use up to 30 hashtags per video on TikTok (but stick to 4-6)

5. After you've selected your hashtags, add them to your video when you post it on TikTok. Simply type the hashtags into the caption or description field and make sure to add the "#" symbol before each hashtag.

6. Once your video is posted, it will be searchable under each hashtag you add, helping you increase its visibility and reach a wider audience.

There are hashtag generators that promise to help you find the best ones for your content and niche. Check out our rundown of the best free hashtag generators in 2024.

The top TikTok hashtags of 2024

While you might think it’s a great idea to throw as many hashtags into the mix as possible to see what sticks, I’d urge you to choose wisely. If the hashtags you choose aren’t relevant to your content, they’ll harm your video performance more than help it. 

With that in mind, here’s a look at the most popular hashtags on TikTok of 2024, so far. We keep this list updated regularly, but be sure to check out TikTok’s Creative Center for the most up-to-date lists. 

  1. #memecut — 18 million posts, 45 billion views
  2. #growmyaccount — 12 million posts, 52 billion views
  3. #contenido — 6 million posts, 53 billion views
  4. #account — 7 million posts, 30 billion views
  5. #realmadrid — 3 million posts, 39 billion views
  6. #brawlstars — 3 million posts, 37 billion views
  7. #summer — 10 million posts, 20 billion views
  8. #repost — 3 million posts, 21 billion views
  9. #barcelona — 2 million posts, 26 billion views
  10. #diadesanvalentin — 3 million posts, 39 billion views
  1. #memecut — 4.6 million posts, 8.4 billion views
  2. #สโลว์สมูท — 2.4 million posts, 2.8 billion views
  3. #relateable — 669K posts, 7.1 billion views
  4. #wlw — 771k posts, 5.2 billion views 
  5. #summer — 2.6 million posts, 5.2 billion views
  6. #repost — 605K posts, 4.6 billion views
  7. #work — 568K posts, 5.2 billion views
  8. #baseball — 462K posts, 5.6 billion views
  9. #drake — 314K posts, 4.9 billion views
  10. #health — 573K posts, 3.2 billion views
  1. #spring — 532K posts, 2 billion views
  2. #tattoo — 340K posts, 4 billion views
  3. #tattoos — 239K posts, 2 billion views
  4. #shop — 229K posts, 1 billion views
  5. #original — 199K posts, 1 billion views
  6. #summervibes — 162K posts, 1 billion views
  7. #tiktokshopping — 197K posts, 1 billion views
  8. #dress — 121K posts, 1 billion views
  9. #stpatricksday — 127K posts, 843 million views
  10. #tattooartist — 123K posts, 1 billion views
  1. #barber — 207K posts, 3 billion views
  2. #color — 97K posts, 515 million views
  3. #slime — 70K posts, 968 million views
  4. #barberlife — 77K posts, 619 million views
  5. #nails — 97K posts, 515 million views
  6. #teeth — 40K posts, 1 billion views
  7. #beard — 54K posts, 475 million views
  8. #stressrelief — 59K posts, 318 million views
  9. #teethwhitening — 36K posts, 884 million views
  10. #organic — 58K posts, 227 million views
  1. #bookmarks — 12K posts, 31 million views
  2. #balloontutorial — 1K posts, 24 million views
  3. #balloonideas — 904 posts, 25 million views
  4. #cncmill — 1K posts, 8 million views
  5. #tuftexballoons — 1K posts, 4 million views
  6. #cncmachinetool — 1K posts, 6 million views
  7. #balloonartisttiktok — 1K posts, 24 million views
  8. #balloonsetup — 1K posts, 3 million views
  9. #cncprogramming — 578 posts, 13 million views
  10. #balloonsoftiktok — 826 posts, 3 million views
  1. #warzone — 524K posts, 4 billion views
  2. #sketch — 322K posts, 4 billion views
  3. #brawlstars — 272K posts, 5 billion views
  4. #mellstroy — 611K posts, 910 million views
  5. #бравлстарс — 239K posts, 3 billion views
  6. #glavstroy — 387K posts, 2 billion views
  7. #avatarthelastairbender — 142K posts, 4 billion views
  8. #mlb — 204K posts, 3 billion views
  9. #мелстрой — 307K posts, 1 billion views
  10. #helldivers2 — 206K posts, 2 billion views
  11. #siege — 147K posts, 1 billion views
  1. #dental — 27K posts, 438 million views
  2. #orthodontics — 5K posts, 74 million views
  3. #collagenpowder — 3K posts, 58 million views
  4. #dentallab — 1K posts, 10 million views
  5. #dentaltechnician — 633 posts, 10 million views
  6. #collagensupplement — 620 posts, 5 million views
  7. #bestdentist — 478 posts, 8 million views
  8. #diseñodesonrisa — 449 posts, 5 million views
  9. #dentalsurgery — 418 posts, 5 million views
  10. #dentaltech — 507 posts, 6 million views
  1. #beach — 394K posts, 2 billion views
  2. #vacation — 389K posts, 2 billion views
  3. #disneyland — 146K posts, 2 billion views
  4. #carnival — 80K posts, 1 billion views
  5. #landscape — 382K posts, 347 million views
  6. #trip — 73K posts, 360 million views
  7. #riodejaniero — 31K posts, 666 million views
  8. #waltdisneyworld — 61K posts, 440 million views
  9. #paradise — 67K posts, 186 million views
  10. #disneytiktok — 50K posts, 541 million views
Want to make sure your content reaches as many people as possible? Be sure to check out our guide to the best time to post on TikTok for maximum views (we analyzed over 1 million TikTok views to find these time slots!).

Tips to make the most of TikTok hashtags

Whether you’re a social media marketer, small business, influencer, or UGC (user-generated content) creator, you’d be remiss not to bake hashtags into your TikTok marketing strategy. Here’s what you need to do to make the most of hashtags on TikTok:

1. Research relevant hashtags 

Take the time to research the best hashtags for your content. Look for hashtags that are related to your niche, theme, or topic and ensure that they are still being actively used by the TikTok community. This includes digging through your competition’s post and looking for relevant hashtags.

Using both popular and niche hashtags can help you reach a wider audience while also targeting specific users who are interested in your content. The more niche a hashtag, the less content you will likely see under it. This is actually good for content discovery as there is less competition.

3. Stay up-to-date

TikTok is constantly evolving, and the popularity of hashtags can change quickly. Keep an eye on trends and use hashtags that are relevant to current events, challenges, and trends.

4. Develop a branded hashtag

Creating your own hashtag for your TikTok account is a great way to build brand recall on the platform, plus increase your chances of kickstarting a trend or even a hashtag challenge. 

ELF Cosmetics #eyeslipsface hashtag has over 9.8 billion associated videos and was a massive viral campaign in 2020. If you have any catchy ideas, make sure the custom hashtag is easy to remember and spell. 

@jessicaalba #eyeslipsface my errryday look #honestbeauty #cleanbeauty ♬ Eyes. Lips. Face. (e.l.f.) - iLL Wayno & Holla FyeSixWun

When TikTok users see your branded hashtag, they will associate it with your brand and be more likely to engage with your content.

5. Limit the number of hashtags

Using too many hashtags can look spammy and detract from the quality of your content (not to mention eat into your caption and decrease the chance followers will read it — TikTok has a 4,000 character limit). 

Stick to using four to six relevant hashtags per TikTok post, keeping a mix of trending and niche hashtags.

6. Measure hashtag performance

Finally, track which hashtags work best for you and your content. If you consistently use the same set of hashtags, note which ones seem to drive more engagement or views than others. This will allow you to focus on the most effective tags and optimize your hashtag strategy over time.

Hashtags are not a guarantee you'll go viral — but they can improve your chances

Using hashtags doesn’t guarantee that your video will go viral. However, developing a strategy for using them in your videos can help increase the number of eyes on your content, reach a specific audience, and build your brand on TikTok. By following these best practices, you can use hashtags effectively and take your TikTok content to the next level.

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