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7 Instagram Link in Bio Tools Worth Using

Ash Read
Ash Read Editorial @ Buffer
7 Instagram Link in Bio Tools Worth Using

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The phrase “link in bio” has become a standard sign-off in the captions on your Instagram feed. It’s so commonplace that it appears in music, art,  and GIFs. The phrase even has its own set of Instagram Stickers with fun animations.

For a long time after launching the app, Instagram limited all accounts to a single clickable link in your Instagram bio. So, it’s unsurprising that anyone looking to drive traffic outside the app directs people to their Instagram bio link.

But how do you make the most of that precious real estate? Should you add your homepage and call it a day? Or switch it up every so often to keep your content fresh? With any the platforms on this list of link in bio tools, you can get the best of both worlds.

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Every type of Instagram account—personal, business, and creator—can use Instagram bio links.

To put a link in an Instagram bio:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile
  2. Tap “Edit Profile”
  3. Scroll down to the “Links” field
  4. Add the URL to your desired landing page or Instagram link in bio tool
  5. Save changes (On mobile, tap “Done,” On desktop, click “Submit”)

Once you’ve updated the link in bio, test on both desktop and mobile to ensure the linked page works well on both devices.

There are so many links in bio tools available that it can be hard to choose, so we narrowed it down to our seven favorites. Even better, once you create a landing page with any of these tools, you can cross-post these

1. Start Page

Buffer's Start Page turns your custom link in bio page into a beautiful, flexible, mobile-friendly landing page. We don’t mean to brag, but our grid-inspired landing page is a pretty big deal.

Unlike some other link in bio tools that show a bunch of rectangle button links, Start Page is fully customizable with a user-friendly structure. It's made for showcasing your brand first, which is why it's extra cool to see that you can pick your own URL for a custom domain.

With Start Page, you can add images and videos to showcase your brand, embed your links, and customize the background and button colors. You can also add the option to have visitors sign up to your email list with the Mailchimp integration. It is so sleek that it could be used as a standalone mobile website replacement across the web. Even better, it will always be the free version.

2. Linktree

Linktree lets you create a single link to use across social media platforms. Once you create your custom URL, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to quickly create your landing page.

A Room of One’s Own bookstore uses Linktree to put important links all on one landing page. 

Linktree’s free plan offers straightforward functionality—you get core features such as unlimited links, social media icons, and very basic analytics. Upgrading to the next tier pro plans (starting from $5 per month) gives you access to a lot more customization options for your link in bio page and detailed analytics.

3. Mona

Mona’s link in bio tool is aimed at brands and individuals who want a simple way to charge for services through Instagram. You can build a custom landing page with Mona’s built-in elements or use a template. Then, you designate which services you offer and name your prices.

Mona’s customizable link in bio landing pages are responsive on both mobile and desktop.

Mona is a great link in bio option for individuals selling online services such as video sessions and consultations. You set your own prices, and Mona processes the payments through Stripe. Keep in mind that while Mona itself is free, Stripe has payment processing fees, and Mona takes a 4% cut of your revenue. Be sure to account for those charges when you set your prices.

4. Campsite

With Campsite, you can create a simple landing page that pairs photos with a short headline. Landing pages have static links for important pages such as other social media profiles, your website, and email.

Below those clickable buttons, you’ll add a list of links with titles and images. Campsite even has a Canva integration that lets you design custom images.

Campsite link in bio tool includes a custom landing page and analytics.

The free account includes key features such as unlimited links, font and color customization options, and basic analytics. However, you’ll need a paid plan to use your own domain, remove Campsite branding, upload your own images, and many other advanced features.

5. Milkshake

Imagine a cross between Instagram Stories and a mini-website, and you’ll have Milkshake. Instead of a list of links or a grid, Milkshake has individual “cards” that take up the entire screen, and Instagram users have to keep swiping through to see more content.

Milkshake guides you through creating “cards” (website pages) on your phone. 

Milkshake websites are built entirely on your phone by selecting cards from templates that you can customize to match your brand colors and fonts. The app even has a “shake it up” feature that cycles through different looks so you can choose the best one for each card.

This free link in bio tool is unique because it lets you create a series of mini landing pages. Each card can have multiple visuals, links, and text boxes. The content-focused design is a major plus, but it also relies on users swiping through to see more.

So if you want to get eyes on that content, you’ll need to make your Milkshake worth drinking until the last drop (or in this case, last card).

6. is a mobile website builder designed to help creators and influencers monetize their social media profiles.

link in bio instagram link in bio landing page

The platform provides a unified landing page where users can link their Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts. It also offers a range of built-in e-commerce tools to make your content shoppable and act as an online store.

Users also get personalized content options, receive tips and donations, and set up affiliate links. Users can also customize their portfolios by adding various types of content and organizing them into categories. offers analytics to track page performance and operates on a freemium model with two premium plans: The Creator plan and The Entrepreneur plan priced at $10/month.

Instagram has added a feature allowing users to add up to five links in their bio. This feature is available to all account types, including business and creator accounts. Users can add these links through the 'Edit Profile' > 'Links' options.

The links open within the Instagram app, but users can choose to open them in their system browser. With this feature, you can add an external link in bio tool that allows you track your analytics, as well as other links to grow conversions to your email sign-up or specific product pages.

Before you add “link in bio” to an Instagram post, ask yourself—will that link take my Instagram followers to what they’re looking for? Make it easy for your fans by turning that single link into a collection.

You can manage Instagram posts, Stories, and analytics with Buffer. Get started with a free plan to see how Buffer’s platform can streamline your social media management efforts.

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