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Write For Us: How to Guest Post on the Buffer Blog

We're accepting guest posts! Check out this page for all the guidelines to writing for the Buffer blog.

May 16, 2023 4 min readFlow
Photo of Tamilore Oladipo
Tamilore Oladipo

Content Writer @ Buffer

The Buffer team is NOT currently accepting pitches for guest posts. If that should change in the future, we’ll update this portion of the page
Due to the volume of pitches we get, we can only follow up on a select number of submissions. If you don't receive a response within two weeks, you’re welcome to send a new pitch for us to consider.

The Buffer blog is a resource for creators, small business owners, and marketers that covers everything you need to know about creating content and growing an audience on social media.

Our goal is to provide the best coverage on the topics that matter most to our audience. So we're searching for creators & entrepreneurs to share their experience and social media pros to share their expertise through our guest posting program.

We’re looking for the best stories, advice, and educational posts, so our standards are high. Our Content team will work closely with you to ensure a polished final product. Interested? There are more details below.

Disclaimer: This program is our effort to highlight more voices on our blog from people within the industry, however it is not a paid opportunity.

But first, let’s prove ourselves. Here’s why you should write for the Buffer blog

  • Our Ahrefs Domain Rating is 90
  • You get a by-line with a description
  • We’ll set you up with an author page with links to your Twitter and website
  • Your article will be included in our weekly newsletter that goes out to over 200,000 creators, small business owners, and marketers
  • We’ll (potentially) promote your work on our social platforms

Interested? Here’s what you need to do next

To get started,

  1. Review our pitch guidelines and style guide thoroughly.
  2. Fill out the form and wait to hear from us. This is the only way to get a pitch in the door, so emailing or DMing the team will not work.
  3. Share an outline of your post that makes up 30 percent of the final article with your arguments, links, H2s & H3s.
  4. Once approved, start writing your draft.
  5. Send it as an editable Google Doc to Buffer with 2-3 title options included.
  6. Buffer’s Content team will review the draft and make any necessary changes. Our team keeps these edits as minor as possible, mainly looking at grammar and style. In the case of a significant edit, such as removing a section, we will communicate the changes ahead of time.
  7. Provide Buffer with your author’s name, headshot, a short bio (200 characters max), and links to your Twitter and website.
  8. Buffer will inform you of the projected publication date once you have signed off on the final version.
  9. Buffer will tag you or your company on social media to promote the post once published. Please note that our content calendar can be busy, so new submissions may take a few weeks to reach publication.

FAQs about guest posting on the Buffer blog

What should I write for the Buffer blog? 

  • Social media: strategy & tactics, platforms and tools
  • Small business content and media operations
  • Individual content creator stories, strategies and advice

Feel free to pitch a topic that isn't on this list, but you think could be great for the blog. However, we reserve the right to reject your pitch if it doesn’t align with our expectations.

We value personal experience above everything, so pitches from that angle will always win us over. Don't give us what we've written before or that anyone could write – share something only you can write.

For some inspiration, here are some of our favorite guest posts from this program:

What does a typical pitch look like?

Why should I write for the Buffer blog?

By writing on the Buffer blog, you get

  • An article on a blog with an Ahrefs Domain Rating of 90
  • A by-line with a description
  • An author page with links to your Twitter and website
  • Inclusion in our weekly newsletter that goes out to over 90,000 creators, small business owners, and marketers
  • Potential promotion on our social platforms.

Who am I writing for?

Readers of the Buffer blog are divided into three buckets, all with varying degrees of knowledge regarding social media and online content creation:

  • ambitious individuals
  • small business owners
  • marketers

Ambitious individuals are anyone looking to use social media to advance a personal or professional goal, usually for career purposes. We also put content creators within this category.

Small business owners in this context includes anyone growing a business, with major oversight into their marketing operations. They are usually more involved in social media because they can’t afford to hire anyone to handle it.

Marketers include anyone working within the marketing indsutry, who uses Buffer for their clients or the company they work for. This is the audience we tend to focus least on out of the three.

These people are not marketing novices. They don’t need to be handheld through the process of setting up an Instagram account or filming a TikTok video. However, they may not always be aware of deeper trends within the industry that marketers are naturally privy to.

We want to create straightforward, contextual articles to act as resources for these different categories to succeed in growing their social media.

Do you accept pre-written posts?

No, your post must go through an entire editorial process before being accepted for publication—including topic ideation, writing, and editing.

Can I add backlinks to my post?

You’re allowed two links in the body of the article to non-gated content from your platform, in addition to the link to your website on your author page.

What does the process from pitch to publication look like?

What’s the timeline for the publication process?

If we accept your pitch, from first draft to our final review should take between 4-6 weeks. Remember that we have a small team reviewing, so our timelines may not always be strict.

How can I increase my chances of publication?

Infuse your personal experience throughout the piece, pitch something we haven't written about before, and write something great!

The form is currently closed

We're working on evolving the Program at the moment, so the form is currently closed. We will not be accepting new pitches at this time.

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140,000+ people like you use Buffer to build their brand on social media every month