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Things You Can’t Buy In Life [Real Story]

Over here at Buffer, Joel and I want to provide the warmest welcome and the best customer care we can to each and every person using Buffer.

Today, we were just completely overwhelmed by our users chipping in and helping us to let everyone new to Buffer feel welcome and cared for.

So today this tweet reached our inbox:

How our users responded

Joel was just about to get in touch with Elisabeth and offer help or the chance to ask any questions if she needed answers.

Yet, what he didn’t know was that our awesome users already took care of that:


To be honest with you this goes beyond anything I could have ever imagined when starting out with Buffer. And I dare saying this is maybe the most touching moment for me since I started working away on Buffer.

So what can I say?

It leaves Joel and I with a huge thank you to André, Nikki, Mani, Rick, Jennifer and Mark who responded right there to Elisabeth and all the other amazing people supporting us day in day out with our work.

It is an amazing journey we are on and an even greater one with all of you on board.

Any thoughts you have on this, please share them with us. 🙂

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