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Mental Health

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FlowNov 1, 2022
Why Small Business Owners Need Support Systems, With Examples From 6 Small Business Owners

In Small Business, Big Lessons, season two, episode six, we detail how the owners of Harlow, SparkToro, Made With Local, Zingerman’s, Destination Unknown Restaurants and Paynter Jackets approach getting support as small business owners.

FlowOct 26, 2022
How and Why to Take a Social Media Break (and what happened when I did it)

Nothing is healthy in excess amounts, including social media. In this article, we share the reasons for and benefits of taking a social media break, as well as insight into what happens when a Chronically Online person decides to take one.

FlowAug 16, 2022
Burnout Sent Me to the Hospital— Here are the Early Signs I Look Out for Now

After experiencing burnout-related vision loss, Erika Ferszt became an expert in the body’s response to stress. Now, as a business owner, she watches out for these early warning signs so she can turn her burnout around before it becomes debilitating.

FlowJul 13, 2022
5 Steps for Dealing with Social Media Negativity

It’s essential to create a clear and concise policy for what to do when you encounter negativity on your social media so you can tackle it before it becomes a problem for your business.

FlowMay 19, 2022
Avoiding Burnout as a Social Media Manager (With Advice From Our Very Own Social Media Manager)

Burnout is a growing phenomenon among social media managers, with people in the role pointing out the platforms they manage as major contributors. Here's how you can avoid it as you grow your social media management career.

Small BusinessApr 26, 2022
I Experienced Founder Burnout While Building a Self-Care Startup—Here's What I Do Differently Now

As the founder of a self-care startup, Meha Agrawal thought she had work-life balance figured out. But after experiencing burnout, she found some new ways to take care of herself while growing her business.

OpenMay 20, 2019
The ‘Traffic Light’ Exercise, Tweeting About Therapy, and 5 More Ways To Support Mental Health at Work

There’s been a lot of crying in my career – tears of frustration, sadness, and also joy. As a newspaper editor, reporters would sometimes come into my office, close the door and break down in sobs. Doing social media for an open-office tech startup, I had to leave the building and walk around the block to cry. No job has normalized tears for me more than Buffer, and I’m so grateful for it. At Buffer, we try to bring ourselves authentically to work. We delight in the joys of life – new babi

OpenApr 10, 2019
My Experience with Burnout as a Startup Founder

In mid-2017, I hit burnout in a really big way and wound up taking a 6-week break to recharge. I want to fully share my story here and include some things I wish I’d done differently in the hope that this can help anyone else experiencing burnout. How it began: A year of change, stress, and loss Looking back, the lead-up to my burnout goes back to the end of 2015. My co-founder and I were growing apart on our vision for Buffer’s future, which continued throughout 2016 despite several in-perso

BufferchatAug 24, 2017
Mental Health and Social Media: A #Bufferchat Recap

This week on #bufferchat, we explored the relationship between mental health and social media with our guest, Danielle Kerani of AKKerani. The community discussed how we can use social media to better support our health, what habits we can change to use social media in a healthier way, how we can support others on social media, and much more. Read on to discover all of the awesome advice that was shared during the chat! Catch our weekly Twitter chat [https://