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5 Great Things Twitter Helps Me To Do

Oct 17, 2011 4 min readTips / How To

So my all time Nr.1 Twitter mentor Dave Larson from @TweetSmarter recently nudged me with a fantastic suggestion. Why not start a conversation around the already established #GreatThingsTwitterHelpsMeToDo hashtag? The hashtag is a great way to get to know what motivates and helps people on Twitter.

I thought a lot about how to best make use of it and found, why not ask people this question and turn all the great responses into a blogpost. The feedback was amazing and here are the top 5 and rather unusual things people replied to me. At the bottom there is a transcript of all the other amazing submissions.

How To Use Twitter To Raise $1MM For @CARE Buffer this

Twitter has long been known for being a great place to raise funds. The people on here are super helpful and supportive for good causes. Eric Harr, author and extreme sportsman has decided to raise funds through Twitter to support CARE.

You can go to their website and take a look at the details. Eric Harr is essentially trying to run the Ironman challenge in under 9 hours in order to raise money. You can get all inside scoops by following @CAREironman.

Thanks for the great submission by @amygaerlan

Eric Harr on his bike for CARE

Did you know that Twitter is a fantastic way to build your links and SEO? Frankly, I didn’t. Not until Gael and Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz brought it to my attention. There are a fabulous number of ways you can use Twitter for SEO and here are a few:

Start by being attentive and helping others out with their questions

  • Become a story teller and aggregate the best Tweets and other Social Media updates
  • Suggest links to pieces of content written by others via Twitter
  • Produce content to answer every day queries you see on Twitter

These are just a few tips and you can read up more on secrets to use Twitter for SEO.

Thanks for the great submission by @GaelBreton

Yes you can use Twitter for SEO

How To Use Twitter For Micro Testimonials On Your Website Buffer this

This is one fabulous suggestion from Mel on how to make use of Twitter. By installing the Faves Widget from Twitter you can easily display any Tweet you favorite on your website.

So now, whenever someone says something nice about you, your product or service, favorite that Tweet and it will appear on your site. For Buffer, we even use this technique to put the nice things people say right on our website. Have you tried this yet?

Thanks for the great submission by @Melaclaro

How To Use Twitter As Your Best Source Of Learning Buffer this

Although a lot of people mentioned they use Twitter to catch up with news and stay in touch with friends, this one line from the guys of @SMinfranchising was very powerful:

“Who needs a paid course when info on all my topics of interest available free.”

Using Twitter to get a headstart on any topic you are interested in is a fantastic use case. You can connect to industry leaders and learn from the best, simply by hanging out on Twitter. Personally I found this to be one of the biggest advantages from Twitter over other Social Networks.

Thanks for the great submission by @sminfranchising

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How To Use Twitter To Write A Full Blogpost (me ? Buffer this

Yes, after writing this post, I actually realised in how many ways Twitter has helped me. A lot of my inspiration for Twitter Tips naturally comes from chatting with you guys. Even more so with this idea.

So next time you are tinkering on how to solve a tricky problem, try to ask your followers a few questions and let them help you. You can start with asking your networks through Tweets some of these things:

  • How do you all try and get more followers?
  • What are the best Twitter Tools you are using?
  • How much time are you spending on each Social Network?

By simply asking a few questions you can easily generate amazing responses for quality content on your blog.

These are the #GreatThingsTwitterHelpsMeToDo that our awesome followers and users have mentioned.

I bet there is a ton more ways you are using Twitter and finding it helpful for your day to day online experience. What are some of the great things Twitter helps you to do?

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