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A collection of posts on Case Studies

Case StudiesNov 10, 2011
3 Incredible Stories Made Possible Through Twitter

This is a guestpost by Mariana Ashley, writing about online colleges . More about her at the bottom of the post. Sure, like me and many others, you might use Twitter for personal pleasure, keeping up with friends and the latest happenings in the world at large. Or perhaps you use Twitter for marketing purposes or some other professional pursuit. But how often is it that Twitter has substantively changed someone’s life? Apparently, more often than you would think

Case StudiesMay 11, 2011
How I tripled my @Klout using @BufferApp [Case Study]

Yesterday, a very special tweet reached our inbox from @TaureanBryant: “just wanted to say thank you to the guys at @bufferapp my @klout jumped from 12 to 38 in about three weeks.” Immediately I got in touch with him and wanted to hear the full story. Klout? Times 3? With Buffer? You can imagine how excited I was. Joel always had a feeling that to do well on Twitter (whatever your goals), all you have to do is keep sharing good content

Case StudiesApr 8, 2011
3 More Amazing Twitter Stories to share

“Let other companies, brands, apps battle with one another over who has the most awesome product, while the REAL battle is over who has the most awesome users.” ~ Kathy Sierra 1. From great encouragement to job promotion Starring Janet Aronica alias @JanetAronica Being able to meet some of our users for more than a quick “Hi!” is really what makes us get up every morning. The conversations and connection enable us to make the Buffer service better every day, but more importantly, we learn abou

Case StudiesApr 1, 2011
3 Amazing Twitter Stories we want to share

“It’s never the platform, it’s always the message” – @GaryVee Gary Vaynerchuck’s quote couldn’t fit any better to kick off the series of posts we are calling Amazing Twitter Stories. There have been so many amazing encounters and conversations we have had on Twitter so far. So many truly great people that have joined us on our Buffer journey, so we’ve decided we wanted to give something back to them. We were trying to think how we could do that in a manner which would truly express how we f