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How I tripled my @Klout using @BufferApp [Case Study]

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Leo Widrich
Leo Widrich Team Buffer

Yesterday, a very special tweet reached our inbox from @TaureanBryant:

“just wanted to say thank you to the guys at @bufferapp my @klout jumped from 12 to 38 in about three weeks.”

Immediately I got in touch with him and wanted to hear the full story. Klout? Times 3? With Buffer? You can imagine how excited I was.

Joel always had a feeling that to do well on Twitter (whatever your goals), all you have to do is keep sharing good content and care for your followers.

That’s why we built Buffer.

That it works that well and accurately was amazing news.

So, let me not keep you from Taurean telling you his own fantastic story, which he kindly submitted to us:

Buffer To The Rescue by @TaureanBryant

I have had an on and off relationship with twitter since July 2009 but I would like to say I have consistently tweeted for the past six months.

My tweets consisted of about 40% check-ins, 40% text only tweets ranging from ideas/thoughts to inside jokes (always a bad idea), 19% shared links and 1% interaction.

At the time my klout score dropped slowly from twenty two (at the time my highest) to hovering around ten to twelve. In comes Buffer to save the day.

I started planning tweets ahead of time, it was no longer JUST spontaneous. I planned out the time slots at key times in the day (around eight am, eleven am, two pm, six pm, 8 pm and 10 pm) filled with things like re-tweets, @mentions and the awesome content I found online.

Bufferapp motivated me to transformed my twitter account from a simple micro-blog to a consistant feed of awesome curated content in a matter of about three weeks.

I used to have about 60 followers, and a klout score of twelve. I now have a bit over one hundred followers (who are real followers for the most part) and a klout score of thirty eight. That is over three times my old klout score and about forty new followers.

Thanks guys ?

This is a fantastic story and brilliant case study for us on how using Buffer in a certain way can pay off greatly.

Yes, I agree, similar to my own follower and Klout score we are not talking @TweetSmarter scores here, yet the development and approach that was taken by Taurean is remarkable.

But wait! Klout – Does it matter?

What I liked most about Taurean’s description is what his focus was. He didn’t care for his Klout, he cared for his followers and consistently shared well filtered content.

Yet, the two go together. Looking out for not confusing intention and result is key. If you work hard to simply bring your Klout up, is similar to working hard to increase your followers – not too much value in there.

Yet, if you care for providing your followers with valuable content, thereafter referring to your Klout as how you did it is very recommendable in my view.

Personally, measures like PeerIndex or Klout are something I greatly believe in as a result, not as a driver of behaviour.

It is similar to writing all your blogposts for SEO purposes I guess, maybe you are more of an expert here, than I am.

So what do you think about this story? Do you think sharing well filtered content more consistently is something that can help you too?

I would love to hear your views on this hotly discussed topic.

Photocredit: Mayhemstudios

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