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Introducing Buffer for Pinterest: Easily Schedule Your Pins, Manage and Measure

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Courtney Seiter
Courtney Seiter Former Director of People @ Buffer
Introducing Buffer for Pinterest: Easily Schedule Your Pins, Manage and Measure

Pinterest is a happening place.

With more than 70 million users and 50 billion Pins, there’s always something new to cook, craft, buy, read or be inspired by on the visual social network.

For businesses or individuals looking to build or grow a presence on Pinterest, consistently posting valuable and interesting Pins is a great strategy to help people discover and share your Pins.

And today we’re thrilled to announce that Buffer is officially partnering with Pinterest to make it even easier to Pin consistently, measure your progress and set your own course for Pinterest success.

Buffer for Pinterest!

All Buffer customers can now post and schedule to Pinterest, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Hooray for one-stop social media publishing!

Buffer + Pinterest: How does it work?

We wanted to create a way to schedule Pins that feels as simple and fun as Pinterest itself. Using Buffer for Pinterest, you can:

  • Pin from anywhere on the web, or upload your own image
  • Create a variety of unique daily Pinning schedules customized just for you
  • Track and measure repins, likes, and comments

Here’s a quick cruise through some of the ways Buffer and Pinterest work together:

Adding a Pinterest account to Buffer

Authorizing your Pinterest account with Buffer is a quick process. First, log in to Pinterest with the account you’d like to connect – whether it’s personal or business. Then head on over to Buffer.

If you’re new with us, hi there! We’ll walk you through the whole process from start to finish.

If you’ve got an account with us already, head to your dashboard. On the left side you’ll see an option to connect more profiles and pages. Choose Pinterest and then click the Authorize button. Buffer will do the rest and get you all set up with some posting times in place.

Scheduling Pins with Buffer

Scheduling a Pinterest image through Buffer takes just a few clicks. The simplest method might be to install one of Buffer’s handy browser extensions that make sharing a snap.

Once you do, you should see a blue “Share Image” button as you hover over any image on a page. Here’s an example:

Share Image button

Click this button, or right-click on the image you’d like to share, and you’ll see the option to “Buffer This Image.” This brings up the Buffer window where you can choose Pinterest as your social media account of choice, then choose the board you’d like to share to.

By default, Buffer pulls in the article’s headline as your Pin’s description

Let’s see all that in action:

schedule to Pinterest

With the Buffer browser extension installed, you’ll also be able to find great stuff on Pinterest and queue it up to share later. Hover over any image you see on Pinterest and you’ll see a small Buffer icon like so:

Buffer button on Pinterest

Click it to pull up a Buffer window where you can choose your board and share your Pin.

The Pin will go into your queue as a scheduled post! (One note here: It won’t look quite the same as a repin from Pinterest itself; more like content you’re Pinning for the first time.)

Finally, you can also upload a new image from your computer to schedule through the Buffer dashboard.

Optimizing your Pinterest schedule

Customize the specific times and days you Pin to create unique schedules just for you and your Boards, or let Buffer choose your times for you.

set Pinterest schedule

In your Buffer queue, you can view, rearrange and edit your queued posts anytime.

Tracking the performance of your Pins

And to grow your followers and traffic, we’ve got plenty of Pinterest analytics for you to check out.

On the Awesome account, you’ll see stats like repins, comments and likes for each Pin. With Buffer for Business, you can sort by most popular Pins and see follower growth over time.

Pinterest analytics

On your mark, get set, Pin!

The Buffer team has had tons of fun Pinning our hearts out (Connect with us on Pinterest!), and we’re over the moon about the opportunity to be a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner.

We can’t wait to hear how you’ll use this new integration for your social media sharing. Ready to get started?

For even more optimization tips for using Buffer and Pinterest together, check out our brand-new guide to Pinterest scheduling, timing and frequency.

If you have questions or thoughts on how we can make the combination of Buffer and Pinterest even better, we’d love to hear them! Share in the comments below or email us at

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