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Nicole Miller

Director of People @ Buffer


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BufferchatJan 16, 2015
Essential Writing Tools, Books and Strategies to Build Your Writing Habit

If you’ve ever suffered from writer’s block, procrastinated when you supposed to be writing, or criticized your writing too harshly, this post is for you! Blogger and app developer John Saddington of @DeskPM recently joined us for Bufferchat to discuss writing tools, habits books and more. Catch the full Bufferchat recap on Storify here! What writing tools are essential to your routine? From John: * The first, I use a # of web tools. MediaTemple for hosting a lot of my personal blogs. And

BufferchatDec 26, 2014
Building Your Social Media Strategy for the New Year

Social media expert Rebekah Radice joined us for Bufferchat to look back at social media trends in 2014 and look ahead for the best tips for your 2015 strategy. Check out the full Storify recap here! Why is a social media strategy important? From Rebekah: * A social media strategy allows you to be intentional and strategic, giving you focus and purpose. * Strategy m

BufferchatDec 23, 2014
Time-Saving Templates and Tools for Social Media and Blogging

Templates and tools can help you work smarter and save you time and help your efforts go further. Buffer’s Kevan Lee shared his best tools, tips and tricks for his blogging and social media strategy at our weekly Twitter chat, #Bufferchat. Check out the curated Storify recap here ! What tools or apps do you use on a daily basis? From Kevan: *

BufferchatDec 12, 2014
Design Tips for the Social Media Marketer

Integrating your visual strategy and social media strategy is more important than ever for marketers. To give some essential design advice to social media marketers, Dustin W. Stout stopped by #bufferchat. Check out the full Storify curation of the chat here! Why should marketers know basic design principles? From Dustin: * “The same reason they to know basic fashion principles. If you look a mess you’ll be perceived as such.” * “People want to share things that make them look good. Why w

Online MarketingDec 11, 2014
How to Host a Meetup For Your Community: The Who, What, Where, When, And How

With a distributed team of 26 (and growing!) and 1.5 million amazing customers across the globe, a vast majority of our interactions are online and through a variety of apps and tools to keep connected. In addition to all these amazing ways to connect online, we’ve hosted several Buffer meetups. For the same reason our team bounds off for international working retreats every five months, we have found in-real-life meetups with our fantastic community members to be invaluable. Meetups (or if or

BufferchatDec 4, 2014
Content Marketing 101: A Huge Collection of Tips and Tricks, Plus 34 Must-Read Blogs to Follow

Content marketing is a topic we’re quite eager to learn about here on the Buffer blog, and it seems to be one our community is excited about as well. We invited the team at Atomic Reach to share their insight in our weekly Twitter chat. The Atomic Reach team shared some amazingly useful tips on how to craft the most engaging content for your social efforts—plus dozens of their favorite content marketing blogs to bookmark! Click here to see the full Storify recap [

OpenNov 26, 2014
The Important Role of Company Culture: How We Define and Create it at Buffer

How do you define workplace culture? And how do you keep your company culture growing in the right direction? Buffer’s very own Chief Technology Officer, Sunil, and Chief Happiness Officer, Carolyn, stopped by #Bufferchat recently to discuss these very big questions focusing on workplace culture. Here are some of the highlights. Catch the full Storify recap here. How do you define “workplace culture?” From Sunil: * “Tough one, it means different things. For me, it’s the *how* to go about

BufferchatNov 14, 2014
Mobile Marketing Trends, Apps, and Development: #Bufferchat Recap

Buffer’s own mobile app developers, Andy Yates (iOS Developer) and Tom Redman (Android Developer) joined us for #Bufferchat to discuss mobile app development and marketing. Catch the full Storify recap here . How has social sharing changed since Twitter came out? From Andy: * “The fact you can connect with people throughout the world with short

Self-ImprovementNov 12, 2014
How to Live Your Passion and Love What You Do: Advice from Career Coach DJ Waldow

Speaker, podcaster and career coach DJ Waldow recently joined us for #bufferchat to discuss living your passion. See the full Storify recap here. What does it mean to live your passion? From DJ: * “Living your passion: Do What You Love | Love What You Do – This@ugmonk t says it all: “

BufferchatNov 7, 2014
Writing Tips: How to Beat Writer’s Block & Create a Sticky Writing Habit

Author Ann Handley joined #Bufferchat to discuss ways to take your writing to the next level. Check out her latest book, “Everybody Writes” for great advice on writing and content marketing. Check out the full recap on Storify here! Is writing a habit or an art? From Ann: * “Writing is habit before an art. It’s hard to create something that’s artful without first building the muscle.” *

BufferchatOct 25, 2014
The Key to Building Products People Love: Habit-Forming Products with Author Nir Eyal

Author of Hooked: Building-Habit Forming Products, Nir Eyal , stopped by Bufferchat to discuss how the Hook framework applied to marketing and social media. For the full Storify summary of the Twitter chat, click here . Keep up with the latest news and upcoming #Bufferchat by joining our Google+ Community . What are the c

BufferchatOct 24, 2014
Small Business Marketing Tips: How to Succeed on Social Media When You’re Strapped for Time and Money

CEO of Small Biz Trends , Anita Campbell , joined us for Bufferchat to discuss small businesses and social media. Check out the full recap on Storify here . And keep up on the latest about Bufferchat by going to our Google+ Community . What are some of the biggest challenges trendin

BufferchatOct 9, 2014
Facebook Marketing Tips: How to Get Engagement on Facebook Without Ever Paying for Ads

Erik Fisher , an author , podcaster and community manager at Social Media Examiner ,  stopped by #bufferchat to discuss Facebook marketing tips and engagement! Check out the full Storify recap here! [

BufferchatSep 26, 2014
Curation Ideas and Community Strategy From A Bufferchat Recap

VP of Social and Community at, Matthew Knell , joined us for #bufferchat to discuss content and community strategy. Check out the full Storify recap here . Why is strategy so important for community? From Matthew: “In general, strategy is a roadmap: should always follow in form “objectives - tactics - goals - results” ““It’s also important to make sure you are in s

OpenSep 25, 2014
The Happiness Hero Approach to Customer Service: A Bufferchat Recap

On September 10th, with all of the Buffer team members gathered in New York for our working retreat, the team of Happiness Heroes joined forces to lead a #bufferchat discussion on customer service (and cute animal gifs). Connect with the dynamic individuals offering support and smiles to Buffer’s community every day: (in order of photo, left to right) Dave , Colin (the Happiness Engineer), Adam , Nic

BufferchatSep 24, 2014
Getting Creative with your Marketing: A Bufferchat Recap

The owner of Brand Driven Digital and founder of the Social Brand Forum Conference, Nick Westergaard , stopped by #Bufferchat to talk about how to get creative in your marketing. Check out the Storify recap here for the full conversation and even more amazing insights from the #Bufferc

Self-ImprovementSep 9, 2014
6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in Urban Homesteading

In February, my husband and I jumped head-first into urban farming — starting our summer garden from seeds. It then developed into an even larger endeavor when we added 13 chicks into our home. And then four ducks. And then three more chickens… The past several months have been a blur between brooding chicks, building coops, free-ranging, fixing fencing, gardening and finding eggs. As I look back upon these summer months, several distinct themes come to mind — and boy, do they ripple beyond ou

BufferchatSep 6, 2014
Social Media Trends and Tools Every Marketer Needs to Know

Social media tools expert Ian Cleary from Razor Social joined us for Bufferchat to discuss social media trends tools from 2014 and looking ahead to 2015. Check out the full Storify recap here ! Social Media Tool Trends in 2014: A1: Bigger players acquire smaller tool providers @socialbakers bought @postacumen , @

BufferchatSep 5, 2014
The Ultimate List of Social Publishing Tools: 87 Key Resources for Creating and Sharing Online

Jason Keath from Social Fresh Conference joined us this week to discuss all the social media tools needed for social publishing, blogging and more! Check out the highlights of the chat on Storify here! Here are some of the tools covered in the chat (though some might fit into multiple categories). Daily Social Publishing * Tweetdeck * Coschedule * ClicktoTweet * Buffer * WordPress * Photoshop * Mention * Hootsuite * SumAll * BuzzSumo * Twitter * YouTube * Facebook * Daily app

BufferchatAug 28, 2014
32 Web Writing Tips for Better Blogging and Social Media Posts – Bufferchat Recap

Content Crafter Kevan Lee joined us for #Bufferchat to talk about the unique nature of writing for the web. Check out the full Storify recap here , and continue reading for 32 web writing tips from Kevan and the community about how to write successful blogposts, tweets, status updates, and more. What makes writing for the web different than print? “We have less time to grab attention on the web. Web writing is

Guides & CoursesAug 20, 2014
Twitter Chats 101: A Step-by-Step Guide To Hosting or Joining a Twitter Chat

A few months ago we started up a new Twitter chat series, #Bufferchat. So far, we’ve talked about everything from productivity to social media monitoring and lots of other topics in between. These days, we have up to 185 participants each week, sending out nearly 2,000 tweets. It’s a true delight! Along the way, I’ve been learning the ins and outs of operating a Twitter chat and testing new tools and ideas to optimize our chat even further. It’s amazing how much there is to know, both for the

AnalyticsAug 16, 2014
10 Expert Tips on Tracking Social Media ROI – #Bufferchat Recap

Author and CEO of Social Media Explorer , Nichole Kelly, stopped by #bufferchat to share her great insights on measuring social media ROI. Be sure to check out her great book on the subject ! See the full Storify recap here! “ROI” means

BufferchatAug 15, 2014
38 Go-to Resources for Learning the Latest in Social Media – #Bufferchat Recap

Social media marketer and founder of Think Digital Academy , Justin Wise, joined us for our #bufferchat to discuss the importance of conferences, online academies and general learning within the digital marketing realm. Check out the full Storify recap here ! Here is an overview of some of the great discussion! Why is continued learning so important in digital marketing? A1: One word

What is a Community Champion? Inside the World of Buffer’s Community Builder

A question I hear from time to time when I introduce myself and my title here at Buffer is, “What is a community champion?” Well, that’s a great question! My immediate response is, “I send out love to our customers all day.” But it’s so much more than that. The typical community manager role (though this role truly varies from company to company) often includes social media management and engagement, content marketing and networking and connecting with customers. At smaller companies, the com