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Tips / How ToOct 21, 2011
5 Ways A Simple Twitter Chat Trick Brought Me Thousands Of Followers

Engagement can be quite a trick on Twitter. Do it right, and you gain followers. Do it wrong, and even people who already follow you will unfollow you. I’ve been on Twitter for years, and I’ve learned that there is a hidden trick to engagement that most people don’t think of. It’s really, really simple, and it’s brought me thousands of new followers over the years. It’s simply this: put more information into your conversations on Twitter. For example, if you can tweet to a friend “Here’s the

Tips / How ToOct 17, 2011
5 Great Things Twitter Helps Me To Do

So my all time Nr.1 Twitter mentor Dave Larson from @TweetSmarter recently nudged me with a fantastic suggestion. Why not start a conversation around the already established #GreatThingsTwitterHelpsMeToDo hashtag? The hashtag is a great way to get to know what motivates and helps people on Twitter. I thought a lot about how to best make use of it and found, why not ask people this question and turn all the great responses into a blogpost. The feedback was amazing and here are the top 5 and rath

Tips / How ToOct 13, 2011
How To Build A Great Twitter Reputation And Get More Followers And Retweets

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then this article is for you. * Want more followers and retweets? * New to Twitter and want to make it useful for you? * Twitter isn’t working as well as you’d like it to? The three steps to a great Twitter reputation are content, style and connections. First—because this is what makes you really popular—we’ll cover making connections and b

Tips / How ToOct 13, 2011
Dozens Of Cool Ways To Use Twitter In Classrooms

Teachers have been taking advantage of Twitter’s format to keep their classes engaged for years now. Taking the time to learn how to use Twitter has proved worth the return for teachers throughout the world. Here is a collection of dozens of projects and ideas to get teachers started using Twitter to build a better learning experience for everyone, divided into five categories: 1. Expand Learning Possibilities 2. Build Writing Skills 3. Use Twitter’s Research Potential 4. Get Creative! 5

Tips / How ToOct 12, 2011
3 Tips To Make Your Daily Tweeting Easier

This is a guestpost from Carter Bailey (@carterbailey) and part of our series on “What our users have to say”. More on Carter at the bottom of the post: In the past two years, I got married, moved, and switched jobs three times. The last job move put a large amount of stress on my wife and I, and I realized that it was time to focus on networking among the tech community to avoid any future stress associated with job situations. Now I am searching for local memb

Tips / How ToOct 12, 2011
Five Keys To Getting More Followers And Keeping Them Happy

Everyone is different, and Twitter can be a place to celebrate our differences. But there are some things that are true for most Twitter users, most of the time. Figure out how to balance these five factors properly and people checking you out will be more likely to follow you, and people who follow you will be more likely to recommend you to others. The things you share should keep everyone happy and coming back for more! Get unbalanced, however, and you could find yourself losing Twitter fo

Tips / How ToOct 10, 2011
5 Ways To Battle Social Media Fatigue

This is a guestpost from Holden Page, Marketing Manager at Maybe the numbers aren’t rolling in as much as you would like. That tweet you sent out isn’t getting the same number of CTR’s as the same tweet would a month ago, or you’ve simply ran out of ways to write about improving the Twitter experience. I know how you feel; I’ve been through it a few times before. All the tweets in your timeline are looking the same, and the tweets you are sending out aren’t improving the situati

Tips / How ToOct 6, 2011
The One, Single Most Important Factor To Succeed In Social Media

This is a very tricky headline and an even trickier topic. There are certainly many out there who know a lot more than me about this, yet I have gradually seen a pattern emerge from our own efforts and from observing others. Of course a lot of times the views on being “successful” may differ. I would take a very intuitive approach for this post. If you are a business or individual, success in Social Media means growth, more happy clients or more happy customers. So let’s dive in on this: What

Tips / How ToMay 12, 2011
10 Handy Twitter Tip Posts

Swiss Army Knife of Twitter TipsOver the past few months there were quite a few guestposts I wrote for several reputable Social Media sites. I thought summing them up for you in a concise way here might be a good resource to check on some of them. Thankfully they all received very good exposure and feedback from readers. So hopefully some of them will be useful for you too: 1.) Are Your Twitter Efforts In Vain? on Social Mouths [

Tips / How ToApr 7, 2011
How to make your Tweets stand out with Buffer

Here is just a quick video of a not very well known Buffer feature I am using very heavily though. I think it can add a lot of value to your tweets. It really helps to make your tweets stand out from others as you are not plainly tweeting the page title and link as everyone else is: What do you think about that? Could it be useful for you too to try tweeting some things other than the headline sometimes?