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How To Use Twitter for Relationship Marketing [Free Book Reviewed]

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Leo Widrich
Leo Widrich Team Buffer
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“Twitter is responsible for getting me my current job”

Is what Antonia Harler said when I briefly interviewed her about her recently published book  “Twitter as a tool for relationship marketing” and the true power of Twitter.

The book, as I like to call it, is actually her Master’s Thesis, which she finished last year and is finally available to the public.

What’s in it for me?

What struck me whilst reading this piece was that it achieves something phenomenal. It is the first academic paper I have read, that I would gladly recommend to anyone looking for practical tips you can go and use right away.

It is also a great destination for Twitter Newbies or people that have trouble understanding the power and usefulness of Twitter. It starts with the very basics, gradually building up into a sophisticated piece on relationship marketing.

And then again, it boasts some solid research I am sure any Twitter Pro will find useful to cite from and use in their day to day Twitter life.

The Stunning Facts

To carry out her studies Antonia took over 6 months in collecting data and asking several hundred influential Twitter users.

Combining smartly posed questions with real results you and me can act upon makes this book even more recommendable:

Does Twitter Affect Your Sales?

“As the results show, approximately 68 % of all respondents believe that interacting with customers positively impacts their purchase decision, of which 18 % even strongly agree with the statement.”

What makes for success on Twitter?

Interaction and communication with customers as well as other Twitter users is not only vital for the success on Twitter but also, as mentioned earlier, an integral part of relationship marketing itself.”

How can you use these Findings?

Antonia definitely did the right thing when she put all these findings in context and created a list of actionable advice for the reader to achieve better results.

Here is one of my favourite quotes:

“7) Always Put The Audience First!

The most important aspect is customer focus. Before marketing to their customers and con-sumers, companies need to be aware of their needs, expectations and whishes. Furthermore, attention should be paid on the advantages for the customer. How do they benefit from following and interacting with the business on Twitter?…”

You can get this book for free

Now, what really blew my mind is that Antonia is giving all those insights and research away for free. You can download it here in exchange for just one RT.

“Twitter as a tool for relationship marketing” (scroll down and click the “pay with a tweet button”)

Of course it is also warmly recommended to follow Antonia here.

That’s it, I hope you get a chance to take a look. What do you think about this book?

Let’s discuss it below.

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