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Brian Lovin is part of the Buffer Team

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Joel Gascoigne
Joel Gascoigne CEO and co-founder @ Buffer

I’m happy to share that Brian Lovin has finished the 45 day Buffer Bootcamp* and just accepted our invitation to join the Buffer team full-time. I just hit send on an email to the whole team and we’re in the midst of a GIF party in HipChat :)

brian lovin

Brian will be working out of Waco, Texas as part of the fully distributed Buffer team. Since he started working with us, he has impacted the design and experience of the product greatly, as well as the blog, static pages, email newsletters and apps too.

Brian has already done an amazing job to make our design process completely transparent and regularly posts updates on Dribbble. Be sure to follow him over there as we refine and improve Buffer’s design patterns further in the future. Brian also has an amazing project called The Kollection focused to help you discover great new music every day.

You can follow Brian on Twitter @brian_lovin and also check out his design work on Dribbble.

*A little about the intro period: Everyone who starts at Buffer is at first a contractor for 45 days. We see that time similar to a dating period. The reason for this is actually quite simple. It always felt a bit odd to me to make a full commitment after a few interviews for someone to start full-time. Instead, we felt it’s better that the company and the new person on the team both get to know each other quite a bit beforehand. During that intro period, we place a special focus on looking for culture fit and alignment with the Buffer values.

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