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Åsa, Andy and Colin are now Senior members of the Buffer team

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Joel Gascoigne
Joel Gascoigne CEO and co-founder @ Buffer

I wanted to just write a brief post to share a team change we’ve decided to make here at Buffer.

I chatted recently with Carolyn and Sunil and they both expressed that Åsa, Andy and Colin have crushed it in recent months and have been super loyal to Buffer during good times and tougher times.

I completely agreed and think that Åsa, Andy and Colin have been incredible examples of the Buffer culture and of the volume of work which can be done. In addition, Andy and Colin have always upheld the customer support half of our vision to levels which really inspire me.

So we sat down and thought about how we could reward this, and realized that it makes sense with the recent growth of the company to introduce a new change to the team structure and our salary formula.

The 3 of them are now Senior members of the team:

  • Åsa is Senior Happiness Hero
  • Andy is Senior iOS Developer
  • Colin is Senior Back-end Developer

These changes will also mean that Carolyn and Sunil can have some of the new team member onboarding pressure taken off them.Of course as always in the interest of transparency, here is how the adjustment is reflected in salary.

I’m particularly excited about this change, as for the first time our salary formula also includes promotions and is also tagged to performance of Buffer itself. Both these things feel like a great step forward with how we come up with compensation.

We’ve decided that it makes sense for the Senior role to be an increase in 5% of base salary and 3k/$m revenue (currently at $2m for Buffer):

  • Åsa: $85,900 ($45,000 + 5% + 2*$3k, X 1.2 + 22K) (from $76,000)
  • Andy: $107,900 ($60,000 + 5% + 2*$3k, X 1.1 + 22K + 10K) (from $98,000)
  • Colin: $104,800 ($60,000 +5% + 2*$3k, X 1.2 + 12K + 10K) (from $94,000)

I’m excited that we’re at a point with Buffer where it makes sense to think about these kind of team structure changes, and I think we might see some more during the next year.

Congrats Åsa, Andy and Colin! Totally deserved and you’ve already been filling these shoes.

Please ask me any questions about the Buffer salary formula, the new promotion adjustments or anything else below!

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