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Zach Flower is Part of The Buffer team!

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Sunil Sadasivan
Sunil Sadasivan Team Buffer

While this is a bit overdue, I am still so happy to share that in February, Zach Flower has finished the 45 day Buffer Bootcamp and accepted our invitation to join the Buffer team full-time!

Zach lives in Boulder, Colorado and in the past has worked at Mocavo and PhotoBucket.

In such a short time Zach has had a huge impact on the Buffer backend. He has improved our internal metrics framework, implemented real-time Twitter analytics for our business customers using Site Streams, built out a better way for us to poll for post analytics and has tackled numerous bugs and issues.

Zach signed up for Buffer over a year ago and applied twice before interviewing and eventually starting Bootcamp.

In his spare time, Zach has been working on his own startup, Bistro. Zach and his wife are super excited to welcome their baby girl into the world in July!

Also, his pets entertain us on Twitter.

Zach's dog
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