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Why are you on Twitter?

Apr 6, 2011 2 min readSocial Media Marketing
Why are you on Twitter?

As regards Twitter I am not an early adopter, I have to admit. Actually I am a super late adopter. It was not until spring 2010 that Twitter put its magic spell on me. I found the reasons for spending time on Twitter are very varied and differ from person to person. Here are a few reasons which motivate me – are they the same reasons for you?

To learn and to grow

One of the foremost reasons that triggered me to join is to learn. What better place is there than Twitter? It is the fastest information highway in the world.

There is no better place to learn in a fast and targeted way about all the things that interest you.

If you are here to learn too and are interested in finding the right people, who are like-minded, check out this great list of places you can go to.

There are so many great people tweeting amazing resources all day, I am very sure you will never get tired of finding new and interesting users if your aim too is to learn and to grow.

To build relationships

Building relationships which carry true value is another goal which Twitter is truly built for.

Early on we learnt that the ease of how Twitter allows you to connect to people without barriers makes it an incredible facilitator of new conversations.

Learning more about the great projects and various interests of the people we meet on Twitter is a true enhancement of our day to day experience.

One thing that might appear a little difficult if you are new to twitter is to get hold of existing established users you find interesting. If you think people feel so engaged with each other you don’t dare to interrupt their flow, don’t worry about it.

Sparking up conversations is really simple, read up on some great techniques.

Another great thing is of course that you have to get to the point, all you have got is 140 characters. This really helps to go beyond small talk immediately and jump right into the interesting stuff.

Out of curiosity

At first this might not seem worth mentioning so much. But exploring the world of Twitter has of course also much to do with a sheer human craving to learn about the new and the unheard of.

Our natural human need, which is sometimes overthrown by the fear of change, is very well reinforced whilst being on Twitter. In this sense I believe you can even see Twitter as a driver of personal development.

It teaches me about life, straight to the point and ongoing.

The world of Twitter users constantly shows us loads of new things we can still explore and learn about. This is another key reason for me to be here.

Why are you on Twitter?

These are just a few reasons which describe why Joel and me love spending time on Twitter. How about you?

What are the reasons and moments that trigger the This is why I love Twitter so muchthought for you?

I would love to hear about them and discuss them with you. Please leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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