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We Upgraded All Buffer Plans to Unlimited Daily Timeslots

Here is just a quick post for you to tell you about the latest happenings over here at Buffer.

We have upgraded the Free Plan and the Pro Plan so you can now set an unlimited number of daily timeslots in your Buffer.

This means you can go to your “Settings” page and set as many timeslots as you wish tweeting as frequently as you want.

Why did we do it?

Joel and me are convinced that by continually improving our free version we can improve the experience people have whilst using Buffer.

It was always our goal to provide a great free version next to our paid versions and this step is only logical to prove that point.

If you are on the Pro Plan and the Free Plan is now good enough for your needs, please get in touch and we will help you move back to the Free. 🙂

There is more!

One thing we were asked after the “Tweet Now” Function was introduced last week is if this counts towards your limit of tweets in Buffer.

If you have been asking this yourself, I am glad to tell you, you can send unlimited “Tweet Now” tweets of course on any plan you are using with Buffer.

Also a quick reminder that you can easily get more spaces in your Buffer for free by using the referral link. Share it on Twitter or send it to friends via email and you will both get an extra space in your Buffer if someone is referred.


That’s it, we are wishing you a great start of the week.

Please let us know what you think about this changes below, I would love to chat with you about them.


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