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CultureLab Episode 6: We’re Biased (with Natalie Johnson)

Jun 6, 2016 2 min readPodcasts
Photo of Courtney Seiter
Courtney Seiter

Former Director of People @ Buffer

“Unconscious bias” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot these days. What does it actually mean? Who has it, and can we even fix it if we do?

In this episode of Buffer CultureLab, I got the chance to chat with Natalie Johnson, who answers all our burning questions about bias.


Natalie is an expert in unconscious bias, from analyzing potential bias in companies’ people processes to training employees and managers on how to manage and mitigate bias. As a former People Analyst at Google, Natalie was one of the original facilitators for Google’s unconscious bias training. At her firm Paradigm, she has led hundreds of unconscious bias workshops for thousands of employees around the world (including Buffer!).

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How we use Slack to stay connected at Buffer
  • The ludicrous number of Slack channels we have
  • Our favorite Slack tricks and shortcuts!
  • A definition of unconscious bias
  • How Google’s pioneering unconscious bias training was developed
  • Why Google stopped asking “brain teaser” questions in interviews
  • What type of interview structure works best to combat bias
  • The biggest risk of the new popularity of unconscious bias training
  • Tips to work on bias in your own brain
  • How to taste wine without bias!

Stuff we talk about in this episode:

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