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Where the Buffer Team is Speaking in 2019: Conferences, Meetups, and More

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Hailley Griffis
Hailley Griffis Head of Communications & Content @ Buffer
Where the Buffer Team is Speaking in 2019: Conferences, Meetups, and More

Hi there! This is an older post that we’ve kept around for transparency but that means that sometimes the information is no longer accurate. Head to our homepage to view our most recent posts.

We love conferences, and who doesn’t? They’re a great place to connect with like-minded individuals.

Over the years as the Buffer team has grown, we’ve not only been attending more conferences, but we’ve started seeing more and more Buffer speakers as well.

Speaking has so many benefits for the Buffer team. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our teammates to work on skills they may not use at Buffer, like public speaking, and it’s also a way to give back to a community and keep sharing about Buffer’s journey. Of course, on the business side of things, conferences can be a nice way to gain more awareness of the Buffer brand.

We’re in a unique position at Buffer when it comes to conferences since we’re a remote team our teammates are speaking all over the world. In fact, there are six different countries on the list for the rest of this year, not to mention a remote conference that is accessible online.

With our community being all over the world as well, we thought this was a great opportunity to let everyone know when there might be a Buffer speaker near them.

In 2018, we had Buffer speakers at 39 events, that number is almost double our 2017 number of speaking engagements of 20. Part of this is because our team is growing and the other part is that we’ve had several teammates who joined, like Victoria and Joe, who were already active speakers prior to joining Buffer. Their passion for speaking has encouraged more people at Buffer to look into speaking for themselves.

Here are the conferences where you can find Buffer speakers for the rest of this year. This post will be updated as new conferences are added and older ones have already happened.

Videos of Buffer speakers in 2018

If you missed a Buffer speaker this year we still have videos of a few talks for you!

Katie at Lead Developer Austin

Victoria at droidcon NYC

Joel at Running Remote

Over to You

Are you able to make it to any of these conferences? Have you already seen someone from Buffer speak at an event near you? Let us know in the comments!

Would you like someone from Buffer to speak at your conference? Reach out to to ask about availability.


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