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Every 60 Seconds 175,000 Tweets Are Sent [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Leo Widrich
Leo Widrich Team Buffer

If you think about what you can do in 60 seconds in your life, it is probably not very much. Yet, if we look at all people using Social Media for just 60 seconds, the amount of messages being sent is quite incredible.

For example, every 60 seconds, there are over 700,000 messages being delivered on Facebook, 2,000 000 videos are being watched and 175,000 Tweets are sent on Twitter. Funnily enough, I bet, not all of those will be tweeted at optimal times. What I also found interesting is that this means over 250 million Tweets are now posted daily, up from 200 million in January.

This is especially crazy as it doesn’t seem to stop, even if other networks are added to the mix. Pinterest alone, who recently entered the Social Networking scene, sees over 1000 new visitors every second.

It doesn’t seem to harm the buzz of the other Social Networks in any way.

All these figures are quite mindblowing if you add them up together. Personally, I think I am probably adding the most to those Tweets being sent every day, so that it reaches 175,000 per day.

How about you? What is the metric you are probably contributing the most towards?

Source: SocialJumpstart

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