Buffer vs. Tailwind: A Comprehensive Comparison for Social Media Marketers

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Phill Agnew
Phill Agnew Senior Product Marketer @ Buffer
Buffer vs. Tailwind: A Comprehensive Comparison for Social Media Marketers

When it comes to social media management tools, choosing the right one for your accounts can be a challenge. In this blog, we're comparing Buffer and Tailwind, two popular platforms, to help you make an informed decision based on their key differences.

To kick off, here are seven key differences between the two products that all potential users should be aware of 👇

Seven key differences

1. Available Channels

Tailwind offers only three social channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. In contrast, Buffer supports 10 channels, including LinkedIn, Mastodon, Twitter, TikTok, Shopify, and Google Business Profiles, with YouTube coming soon. This wider range of channels allows Buffer users to reach a more diverse audience.

Channels available on Buffer
Channels available on Tailwind



Google Business Profiles


YouTube (coming soon)

Shopify (analytics) 

2. The Free Plans

Tailwind's free plan lets users schedule just 20 posts, while Buffer's equivalent free plan allows scheduling for 30 posts. What’s more, with Buffer, you can connect any combination of channels you like. Want to connect three Mastodon accounts? No problem. Need to connect your LinkedIn TikTok and Twitter accounts? That’s fine. Tailwind doesn't offer the same flexibility, only letting free users connect one Instagram, one Pinterest, and one Facebook account.

3. Number of Users

Buffer's Team plan offers unlimited users, whereas Tailwind's equivalent plan, "Max," offers just five users. This is despite the fact that both plans have a similar price point ($45 for Buffer, $40 for Tailwind). All in all, this makes Buffer a much better, scalable plan for growing teams.

4. Scheduled Posts

Tailwind's Pro plan only allows users to schedule 100 posts per month, whereas Buffer's equivalently priced Essentials plan offers a more generous allowance of 2,000 posts per channel per month. Most social media marketers looking to run an active social media account will want to schedule more than 100 posts. The limited Tailwind plan might make marketers look elsewhere.

5. Restrictions on Channel Allocation

Tailwind restricts users by only letting them connect a maximum of nine social media accounts, even on the most expensive plan. What’s more, the plan requires a mix of three Pinterest accounts, three Instagram accounts, and three Facebook pages. This limited flexibility can be frustrating. It’s unlikely for any one brand to have exactly three Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts. Buffer, on the other hand, has no cap on the number of social media accounts you wish to connect and no restrictions on which social media channels you pick.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Both platforms provide AI features to help users write posts, but Tailwind's Max plan limits users to just 500 AI credits. This means the users on that plan can only use the AI tool 500 times, which could add up quickly for accounts with multiple users. In comparison, Buffer's equivalent plan offers 3,000 credits, with an additional 300 credits for each connected social media account, providing more opportunities for AI-driven suggestions.

In fact, Buffer's AI Assistant can also provide personalized ideas for social media content across all channels, streamlining the content creation process for users. It also generates suggestions for content based on brand, industry, and audience and can even suggest hashtags and captions for images.

Buffer and Tailwind both offer link-in bio tools, but they differ in several ways. Buffer's Start Page works seamlessly with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, while Tailwind's Smart.Bio is designed for only Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Buffer also features additional integrations, such as a Spotify integration to showcase playlists or podcasts and a YouTube block to display videos.

Buffer’s Start Page

Why 7 million people have picked Buffer over Tailwind

Buffer sets itself apart from Tailwind with its intuitive and affordable social media management platform. With our three-click setup, powerful free-forever plan, and paid plans starting at just $5 per month, we cater to small businesses and individuals alike. Our world-class support, innovative features, and mobile-friendly tools make managing your social media presence seamless.

At Buffer, we’ve been in the social media game for a while. With over 7 million users since 2010, Buffer is the most popular tool on the market. Most choose Buffer because we stay ahead of the curve adding support for channels like Mastodon, YouTube shorts, Instagram Stories and TikTok before most others.

In summary

As a Buffer fan, I’m hardly impartial, but in this blog, I’ve aimed to honestly showcase how Buffer and Tailwind are different.

Fundamentally, the Buffer free plan offers greater flexibility and accessibility, while the paid plans deliver robust features and analytics to support all businesses in their social media endeavours.

At Buffer, we take pride in providing exceptional support, a user-friendly yet powerful interface, and a reliable platform that remains at the forefront of the space.

But let’s face it. It’s one thing to read about Buffer and another to try it out.

So, why not give Buffer a spin today?

P.S. Have any feedback? Tweet us your thoughts, and let's chat!

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