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Victoria Gonda

Victoria Gonda

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What Happened When Our Team Switched to Only Asynchronous Meetings

With any team, there’s usually the need to sync up. This usually takes the form of a meeting – or a video call, for those of us on remote team. On the mobile team at Buffer, this is what it looked like for us for a long time. We had a video meeting of about 45 minutes every week where we got face-time as a team, got on the same page about work, talked though blockers and challenges, made decisions, and updated one another. While the format of the meetings changed and adapted over time, we

OverflowJan 3, 2019
Using Live Templates to Write Tests

At Buffer we strive to have at least all new code tested, and to add tests for legacy code when we can. This helps us catch bugs before they’re released, and watch out for regressions. This also leads to a notable amount of time spent writing tests. And let’s face it, that can get repetitive.There are some things that can help, like helper functions, factories, and test robots. Still, there’s a number of things you find yourself repeating. Is there a way to improve this? I’ve saved some time by

OverflowSep 5, 2018
Announce Your Actions: Making gesture actions accessible

We’re working towards better accessibility for our Android apps here at Buffer. That’s why when we recently added a new feature to Reply , we took a little extra time to make sure it was accessible. This feature includes some swipe gestures: a user can swipe left or right on a item in a list of conversations to perform some action on that conversation.This is great for quick management of the list, but leaves out people using TalkBack [

Video: Let Kotlin Come To You [Bufferdevs Snackchat]

At Buffer we regularly hold what we call ‘Snackchats’. These are short & informal presentations of something that we want to share with our team which help to build on our engineering culture and help each other to grow as engineers. Anyone on the team has the opportunity to give these talks ? Once a discussion has been proposed, a day/time can be picked ready for people to grab a drink (and snack!) to take some time out of their day to learn something new. These have been happening at Buffer

OverflowMay 18, 2018
Google I/O: What’s new for Android

Last week we were lucky enough to be able to attend Google I/O in Mountain View, California. Between the two of us we managed to see a good handful of sessions – so we thought we’d both put together this short post about some of the things we discovered and where you can learn more about them. Android App Bundles App bundles are a new type of upload format for your applications that allows you to deliver a more optimized build to your users. Rather than uploading a generated APK to the Google P