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Alex Turnbull

Alex Turnbull

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Content MarketingJul 29, 2014
How and Why To Write Persuasive, Research-Backed Content

A few weeks ago, we tried a little experiment. We tested two different headlines for one of our blog posts. The first used a headline that teased the post’s content: The second used a similar headline, but we made it clear that the post was backed by data: The results were more than a bit surprising: Now, I admit, we expected the variant that mentioned research to win. But we didn’t expect the delta to be more than 40%! For us, that small test shaped a new way of thinking about what makes

Content MarketingApr 22, 2014
The Power of Storytelling: How We Got 300% More People To Read Our Content

Imagine that you’ve written a blog post that can help thousands of people solve a really painful problem. You’ve written the post, edited it, looked it over a few times to make sure that you didn’t miss anything important, and hit ‘publish.’ You send the post out to your list, share it on all of your social networks , and settle in to see what