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Deborah Rippol

Deborah Rippol

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Using Values and Philosophies as a Guide: How Hiring has Evolved at Buffer

Hi there! This is an out of date post that we’ve kept around for transparency purposes. Go here to view the latest version of this post. We’ve shared a bit in the past about what we believe creates a great fit at Buffer , but the hiring process is so much more than these factors alone. How do you create a positive experience for all candidates, regardless of the outcome? How do you avoid bias and view all candidate

ReportsDec 29, 2015
Hello from Buffer’s First Culture Scout: The November Hiring Report

Hello friends! I’m Deborah , Culture Scout for the Buffer team. I’ve been very lucky to join the Buffer team in October and finish my bootcamp a couple of weeks ago. What is a Culture Scout, you might ask? I’m part of the People team and my role is to bring on new folks to the Buffer journey, with a focus on finding people that are as passionate about our values as we are, and those who we believe can co