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Announcing The Buffer Overflow Podcast

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Jordan Morgan
Jordan Morgan Team Buffer
Announcing The Buffer Overflow Podcast

Today we’re happy to announce our new engineering podcast, The Buffer Overflow Podcast. And, our first episode is now available for streaming!

How to Listen

The Buffer Overflow Podcast is now available on all major platforms today, so if you open your podcast player of choice and search for us, we should be there! Here are some direct links:

So, Why Start a Podcast?

It’s built into our D.N.A. here at Buffer to try and be transparent about the things we know, are learning or even have struggled with as engineers. Those are things we want to talk about more openly, and that’s one of the goals of our new podcast.

We plan to talk about topics common to engineering (how we do plan application architecture), to operational things (how do we plan the same features across many platforms) or even remote work topics (how to structure your day).

To kick things off, Joe and myself  will be hosting the beginning episodes as we get things off the ground. Expect to hear from more members across our engineering team soon, though!

We hope you find some value from our new podcast, and thanks for listening!

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