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7 Twitter users worth following and why

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Leo Widrich
Leo Widrich Team Buffer

Here are 7 people we thought can add value to your everyday timeline on Twitter and beyond. Beware, they range in seriousness and frequency of tweets.

1. Aaron Lee

Aaron is a Social Media superstar. Not only does everything he tweets or blogs make a lot of sense, but he is simply a down to earth guy who didn’t get carried away with his success. That he is “an average Joe” according to his bio, says it all. Join him in his conversations @AskAaronLee.

Main reason to follow: Social Media stuff from a true pundit.

Frequency: Extremely frequent (~50-100 daily updates)

2. Wikileaks

Everything going on around wikileaks is truly revolutionary we believe. Whatever the outcome of law suits, debates or new cables released will finally be, it will set benchmarks for many important topics both privacy-related and Internet-related in general. So try following @wikileaks and keep up with what’s happening.

Main reason to follow: Revolutionary content

Frequency: Fairly frequent (~3-5 updates daily)

3. Jeremiah Owyang

Here is one for strategy. Jeremiah tweets statistics, analytics and insights all day long. But beware, if you are not too keen on that sort of thing his resources can get quite meaty at times. So follow @jowyang if you want real time updates from one of the Valley’s finest Social Media analyst. Also, he is very engaging, which is a bonus.

Main reason to follow: Deep Social Media statistics and insights.

Frequency: Very frequent (~15-25 updates daily)

4. ceoSteveJobs

He has been around for quite a while now and we thought, dude, you can’t be tweeting funny things that long. Eventually the quality level must drop. But we looked again and we’re still falling off our chairs laughing. So if you want to add some good jokes to your daily Twitter timeline, try following @ceoSteveJobs. There is, as he says, “more than meets the i”.

Main reason to follow: Have a good laugh.

Frequency: Moderate (~1 update daily)

5. You-Know-Who

We found there are many split thoughts about him, but we had to bring him in to this post. Some think his tweets are brilliant, like we do. Some say, erm, that they are not so much. The links he provides oftentimes catch us off-guard and we have a hard time not clicking them. Actually we won’t mention a name here. You know about whom we are talking. If you don’t, search him out. Follow him for a little while and let us know what you think.

Main reason to follow: News about things you wouldn’t expect.

Frequency: Are you kidding me?

6. TweetSmarter

Since this post is about Twitter users worth following, we thought one of them should be someone tweeting about Twitter. A truly recommendable account for this is Dave and Sarah’s @TweetSmarter. Even though a large crowd of 220K people are following them, they still manage to reply to all their questions. Their main goal is to simply inform you about news and tools related solely to twitter.

Main reason to follow: Tips about twitter.

Frequency: Non-stop.

7. Dino Dogan

Last but certainly not least we have a special user to suggest to you. @Dino_Dogan is a person who sparks authenticity all over the place. And there are many places he goes. He provides you with awesome Social Media and blogging content and then again surprises you with deconstructing a TV commercial. Follow him because he simply does what he loves to do and inspires others.

Main reason to follow: Inspiration and Social Media

Frequency: highly frequent (50-100 daily updates)

Who did we miss?

Who are the favourite people you are following? We would love to hear from you :). Oh and by the way, you can follow @bufferapp too for more tips and news about twitter if you wish.

Photo credit: mikebaird

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