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The 9 Most Interesting Creators on TikTok and What They’re Doing Right

Tamilore Oladipo
Tamilore Oladipo Content Writer @ Buffer
The 9 Most Interesting Creators on TikTok and What They’re Doing Right

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Anyone can start creating content on TikTok with any topic — there are accounts dedicated to everything from plant care to running a small business. However, some stand out more than others, and we’ve discovered that they fall into certain categories.

By owning who they are, sharing what they know, or involving viewers in a project they’re working on, these creators show that there’s an audience for every type of creator.

If you’ve been wondering how to get started creating content but don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most interesting TikTok creators — and what makes their content so appealing to their respective audiences.

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Creating content with a common theme

Cohesiveness and consistency are part of what makes these creators so popular. Finding a common theme or niche can help your audience understand what to expect from you and whether or not to return to your account.

@bdylanhollis: Tackling vintage recipes, one at a time

Dylan’s account is dedicated to recreating vintage recipes. His charming personality and comedic timing have drawn in 6.8 million followers. Dylan works with an old recipe book, and almost every video on his account features him making something from it.


What a quirky little recipe #baking #vintage #cooking #cinnamon

♬ original sound - B. Dylan Hollis

Although he’s not an experienced baker or chef, his willingness to try out even the most ridiculous-sounding recipes (and his reaction to eating them) keeps audiences coming back.

@streetartbydavidzinn: Turning everyday sightings into imaginative art

David Zinn is a street artist who uses charcoal and chalk to turn common outdoor sights into magical 3D artworks. He uses everything from manhole covers to cracks in the sidewalk to bring his characters to life.


Emile’s current mood: unflinching anticipation. #StreetArt #SidewalkChalk #MissingBrick #graffemera #anamorphosis #mouse #patience

♬ Waiting for Spring - Yan

David’s videos have a soothing quality — encouraging viewers to engage their imagination and turn everyday sightings into magical moments. Although he’s been doing his work for years, his TikTok following has shown his existing passion project and skills to a whole new audience.

If you have a skill that you’ve developed or are developing, you can center your account around that. Learning to draw? Or play the ukulele? Set up a camera while you practice!

Communicating a unique perspective

TikTok creators with an unconventional look, wealth of knowledge, or perspective will find that there’s probably an audience for their content. These creators all have something unique about them – a specific style or an encyclopedic knowledge of a subject.

@carlarockmore: Making fashion interesting

Often referred to as TikTok’s “Carrie Bradshaw”, Carla has an incredible eye for style. Her take on maximalist and eclectic styling has garnered over a million followers and features in Vogue and Architectural Digest since she began posting in March 2020.


Black isn’t boring! I love wearing all black when I take texture and shine into consideration. #fashiontiktok #fashion #ootd #styleinspo #fashionweek

♬ original sound - Carla Rockmore

Carla has the advantage of experience and an eye for distinct pieces that she combines to make stunning outfits. Of course, a lot of people can have a massive closet they’ve curated over the years. But Carla’s approach of creating high-quality videos and engaging viewers in her thoughtful approach to putting together an outfit is what keeps her audience coming back.

@onlinekyne: Talking about math while looking amazing

Kyne is a Filipino-Canadian drag queen with an affinity for math. Most of his videos have him fully decked out in drag and explaining different concepts, from how Mobius strips work to the history of infinity.


Some more Möbius strip magic! ❤️❤️ #math #mobiusstrip #topology #dragqueen

♬ original sound - Kyne

Kyne not only looks gorgeous (and generously shares makeup tutorials) but also has a wealth of knowledge to draw from, breaking down complicated concepts in easy-to-understand short-form videos.

What unique knowledge/take/experience do you have that you can share in less than 3 minutes?

@arilekhraj: Sharing her fun and detailed movie nights

Arianna’s TikTok elevates “dinner and a movie” with high-effort meals recreated or inspired by whatever movie’s on the menu. She started with Disney movies and has evolved her account to build dinners around different popular films in pop culture.


disney dinner and a movie part 4 ❤️💛💙🤍 #fyp #disney #snowwhite #disneydinnerandamovie

♬ There is only one Disney - Kevin The Arbiter

Arianna makes most of her meals in her college dorm and is usually on a budget, making her videos' end results more fascinating to witness.

Sharing a journey and inspiring others along the way

Social media is the perfect spot to share information that doesn’t live elsewhere. We’re huge fans of transparency, and we’ve seen that the creators who have found aspects of their lives that they’re willing to share can find a lot of success.

Content about career and business can thrive in this category — people love to peep behind the curtain.

@yamayamason: Influencing and teaching viewers how to become influencers

Yamaya is a micro-influencer who takes time to share her experiences and advice for viewers that are also looking to become influencers. She inserts content about determining rates and reaching out to brands between try-on hauls and brunch outings.


I also love using @Canva to create media kits too! 🥰 #nanoinfluencertips #mediakits #influencermediakit #smallinfluencertips


Her growing follower count shows that her advice comes from work she has already put into creating content.

@juliariew: Sharing the journey behind her elaborate and impactful thesis

Julia’s account is dedicated to one thing: creating a Korean Disney princess. She not only identified a gap i.e., there’s no Korean Disney princess/animated character; but is also working to create the story, music, and image behind her character. And she’s doing it while documenting every stage of her journey on TikTok.


What a weekend! Three sold-out premiere peformances of Shimcheong: A Folktale for friends, family, and colleagues!! 💕 BEYOND thankful for this amazing cast and crew. Thank you everyone for your support and for joining us!!! 🇰🇷🇺🇸🥰 #korean #newmusical

♬ original sound - Julia Riew

Part of the appeal of Julia’s content is how talented she is — singing, acting, writing all for her senior thesis at Harvard.

@corporatebaddie: Providing career advice and highlighting Black women

Tamar is a Content Strategist at Netflix who recently moved to work in their Amsterdam office. She provides career advice, highlights amazing black women in tech, and documents her experiences in Amsterdam.


Reply to @naturemoonchild how i got my job at netflix! just one of many ways you could end up on the team 🤩 #techtok #contentstrategy #faang #manga

♬ original sound - tamar in amsterdam

Tamar’s content shows the young black women on TikTok that experiences like living abroad and getting high-powered jobs aren’t far from their reach.

@designsbyfelicias: Sharing the behind the scenes of running a small business

Felicia takes building in public to a new level by documenting different aspects of running a small business on her TikTok. From designing custom creations to packaging orders, Felicia is one of many small business owners that have found a niche in sharing what goes into the creation, packaging, and shipping of each order.


Took days to print and cut all the stickers lol #packagingorders #stickermaking #stickerbusiness #ChipsGotTalent #ShadowAndBone

♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco

Experiment until you find your niche

A major thread among all the creators on this list is their unique approach to content. There’s a theme to every creator’s posts that resonates with their audience and keeps them coming back — the evidence is in their growing followers and engagement.

Try experimenting with different formats, editing styles, and topics until you find what your audience likes from you the most. Be consistent with publishing and engage with TikTok regularly — that’s the best way to learn the ins and outs of the platform.

Once you’re ready, check out Buffer’s TikTok Reminders tool. With Reminders on our mobile app, you can start creating content and stay consistent by creating, planning, and scheduling content in advance as you grow your account.

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