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The Major Leagues

Rediscovering the joy in everyday moments pulls the team towards a new mission.

Breaking Brand
Kevan Lee
Kevan Lee Former VP of Marketing @ Buffer
The Major Leagues

Right at the peak of their powers, the Gin Lane team falls on tough times and decides to rethink the future of their entire business.

Whilst working on two of the biggest projects the agency has ever taken on, stress and burnout is affecting the team and people are leaving the business. During the tough times, Nick, Camille and Emmett begin to focus on how they spend their time outside of the office and rediscover the joy in everyday moments. This lays the foundations for a complete 180 degree flip for the Gin Lane business and its team.

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Must-listen moments

1:37 — The rise of burnout and performative workaholism

“We are hustling and we are defining ourselves by our jobs. And we’re just sort of wrapping our entire identity up in our ability to work, and I observed that and thought it was kind of odd. What happens when you sort of lose that or what happens when you don’t like that job that much or what happens when the job doesn’t really fulfil you?” — Erin Griffith

4:30 — Nick shares one of the ways he learned to deal with stress

“One of the ways that I managed to deal with those high stress moments where I couldn't sleep, where I was feeling completely overwhelmed... one of the few times I wasn't stressed was cooking for myself.” — Nick Ling

8:00 — The Gin Lane team decides to take a new direction

"From the inside, I don't think we felt or we feel like we were doing something as significant as we want to do, and I think that while we were a really great agency, there were way more significant pangs in all of us in terms of what we want to do with our professional careers." — Nick Ling

10:56 — Camille shares how they came up with Pattern's mantra of 'Enjoy Daily Life'

"It took a couple, I would say like probably two months of just writing again and again and again. What is this? What is this? And it just was about wind tunnelling it to get to the root of it." — Camille Baldwin

18:07 — How millennial values changed the way brands are built

"I think what happened in the… early 2010s was the development of a new set of brands which mirrored a new set of values, that our generation has been brought up with. Where we're not happy just to have like some tasty food, e want to know that it's been made well, and it's good for the world and it's been built sustainably, right?" — Nick Ling

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