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The Buffer Browser Extension Gets A Facelift

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Leo Widrich
Leo Widrich Team Buffer

This is just a quick update on the latest happenings over here at Buffer. The browser extensions (Chrome, Safari, Bookmarklet) just received a major revamp and the changes are now available for you to use.

You DON’T have to do anything, your extension is updated automatically. ?

The 3 major new things are:

1.) The Buffer Box is now draggable

We thought that sometimes you might want to add something to your tweets that the Buffer Box is hiding. So from now on drag the box across the page as you like.

2.) Click outside the Buffer Box to close it.

We thought it might be more intuitive for you to simply click outside the box to close it.

3.) A cleaner Buffer Box

As you can also see the whole box is a bit cleaner now and we removed the “cancel” button and exchanged it with the little “x” on the top right corner.

Last but not least, it should work a lot faster now too! Hope this is useful.

That’s it, we hope it makes Buffering even easier for you. Happy Buffering! ?

PS: Some of you thankfully reported that there was an issue when Buffering Youtube Videos. That’s now fixed too! ?

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