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Meta's AI Celebrities, TikTok's Legal Tussles, And Gen Z's Love of LinkedIn: Monday Social Media News Roundup

Get the latest updates in the social media industry and creator economy – with a side of Buffer flavor

Oct 16, 2023 6 min readNews and Trends
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Get the need-to-know highlights from the social media industry that happened the week of October 9-13.


  1. Creator Compensation for AI Chatbots
    • Meta is investing heavily in creators, with a whopping $5 million deal for a top creator’s contribution to AI chatbots. Explore Meta’s creator programs to potentially monetize your contributions.
  1. AI Celeb Backlash
    • Meta's introduction of AI celebrities faces resistance, indicating a challenge in user acceptance. Monitor public reception to AI advancements within Meta platforms, adjusting engagement strategies accordingly.
  1. Comment Filter Enhancement
    • Meta's new feature prioritizes comments from verified users, potentially altering engagement dynamics. Verify your Meta accounts to ensure your comments gain priority and visibility.


  1. Edit Button Addition
    • Threads introduces an edit button, enhancing post-editing flexibility without additional costs. Use the edit feature to ensure your posts are accurate and up-to-date.
  1. Trending Topics and More
    • With new features like trending topics, GIFs, and voice posts, Threads aims to enrich user engagement. Use these new features to enhance your Threads presence and engagement.


  1. Avatar Interaction Controls
  • Control who interacts with your avatar with Instagram’s new settings, a move towards enhanced user control. Customize your avatar interaction settings to manage your engagement levels.
  1. New Stickers and Interactive Features
  • Instagram announced experimental stickers and interactive features to boost engagement and personalization. Experiment with new stickers and features to enhance your posts’ engagement.
  1. Desktop Activity Access
  • Instagram extends account activity accessibility to desktop, enriching user experience across devices. Monitor your account activity on desktop for a more comprehensive overview.


  1. Enhanced Search and Chat Privacy
  • WhatsApp revamps its status search bar and upgrades the Chat Lock feature, aiming at a more user-friendly and secure experience. Use the enhanced search and privacy features to optimize your WhatsApp experience.


  1. Community Member Vetting
  • The new member vetting feature in Twitter/X communities mirrors Facebook Groups, enhancing member quality and interaction. Embrace the vetting feature to foster a more curated community environment.
  1. Live-Stream and Spaces Buttons Test
  • The platform is testing new live-stream and Spaces buttons within the Post Composer, paving the way for richer content sharing. Stay on the lookout for these features to enhance real-time engagement with your audience.
  1. Expanded Profile Bios Feature
  • Expanded profile bios offer users more space to express themselves, improving personal branding opportunities. Use the additional bio space to provide a more comprehensive introduction to your profile visitors.
  1. Reply Restriction to Verified Users
  • A new feature allows post replies restriction to verified users only, aiming at promoting a verification paywall. Consider the impacts of this feature on your engagement strategies, especially if verification is a part of your plan.
  1. Variable Upload Quality for Video Creators
  • Testing variable upload quality options empowers video creators with better quality control. Explore these quality options to optimize video content on the platform.
  1. Potential Removal of Engagement Counts
  • Twitter/X contemplates removing all engagement counts and buttons, leaving only ‘views’ visible, which could alter user interaction dynamics. Prepare for possible changes in engagement metrics and how it may affect your content strategy.
  1. New Premium Subscription Tiers


  1. Glow Effect Extension
  • YouTube's glow effect, which pulls colors from the edges of the video player, now extends to a fullscreen view, with an option for users to disable it if desired. Check out the glow effect in fullscreen view and decide whether you prefer it on or off for a better viewing experience.
  1. New Audio Description and Pronoun Features
  • YouTube enriches creator profiles with new audio description options and the addition of preferred pronouns, promoting inclusivity and better content understanding. Use the new audio description feature for broader accessibility and update your profile with your preferred pronouns to foster a more inclusive community.
  1. 'Posts-Only' Feature Test
  • The 'posts-only' feature under testing emphasizes community engagement by focusing on community notes feed within the mobile app. Engage with the 'posts-only' feature to foster a stronger community and monitor its effect on your channel engagement.


  1. News Drought
  • A study reveals TikTok's algorithmic recommendation systems effectively isolate users from news content, dubbing it a "news wasteland." If you're on TikTok for news, you might want to diversify your sources to stay informed.
  1. Legal Hurdles in Montana and Utah
  1. Disney Partnership
  1. Revamping Creator Payment for Viral Filters
  • TikTok restructures its payment system for creators of viral filters and effects, making monetization more accessible. If you’re a creator, delve into TikTok's updated monetization structure to potentially earn more from your viral creations.
  1. Direct Posting from Various Apps
  • TikTok now supports direct posting from a range of apps including Adobe, CapCut, and Twitch, making content sharing more seamless. Use this feature for a smoother content upload experience from different platforms.
  1. Expanded Mental Health Support
  • In line with World Mental Health Day, TikTok announces expanded mental health support options for users.

Alt Platforms


  1. Graysky Mobile App
  • Bluesky welcomes Graysky, its first third-party mobile app, set to launch later this month, marking a significant milestone for the platform. Keep an eye out for Graysky's launch to experience Bluesky on mobile.
  1. Security-Focused Update
  • Bluesky bolsters security by introducing email verification and flagging misleading links, promoting a safer user environment. Revisit your Bluesky security settings to take advantage of these new features.


  1. WordPress Integration
  • blogs can now be followed on Mastodon and other federated platforms, bridging the gap between mainstream and alternative social networks. Connect your WordPress blog to Mastodon to reach a broader audience.
  1. User Count Adjustment

Pebble/T2 Social

  1. Hashtag Mayorships
  • Pebble unveils “Hashtag Mayorships” to highlight the most active user on a particular hashtag, fostering community engagement. Engage with this new feature to become a “Hashtag Mayor” and boost your visibility on Pebble.


  1. UK Data Watchdog Alert
  • Snapchat receives an enforcement notice from the UK data watchdog over its AI chatbot, hinting at potential data privacy concerns. Stay updated on data privacy issues, especially if you’re a UK Snapchat user.

Google Business Profiles

  1. Social Media Links Expansion
  • Google broadens access to social media links in business listings, enabling businesses to share more platforms with potential customers. Update your Google Business Profile to include all your active social media links.


  1. TV and Movie Discovery Report
  • Reddit publishes a report on its role in TV and movie discovery within the app, highlighting the platform's influence on entertainment choices. Explore Reddit for TV and movie recommendations and join discussions around your favorite titles.

Top Reads on Social Media and Creator Economy

  1. The Internet's Lost Fun Factor
  2. Content Moderation Dilemma
  1. AI Audio's Disinformation Wave on TikTok

Creator Economy Insights

  1. Networking App for Content Creators
  1. Legal Music Remixing for TikTok
  1. Viral Video Challenges for TikTok Shop Sellers

Exploring New Frontiers

  1. Google's AI-Centric Search
  1. LinkedIn’s Newsroom Expansion
  • LinkedIn is scaling up its newsroom to enhance its news coverage, showcasing a blend of professional networking and real-time industry updates.
  1. YouTube Overtakes Netflix Among Teens
  1. Social Media Subscription Models
  • This analysis explores the potential impacts of social media subscription plans on user engagement and platform revenue.
  1. Duolingo Owl's Gen Z Appeal
  1. The Free Internet Dilemma
  1. TikTok’s Tinned Fish Trend

That's it for updates!

Sources and Resources

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  • Twitter notifications are turned on for:
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