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José Gilgado Has Joined the Buffer Team!

Feb 24, 2015 3 min readOpen
Photo of Courtney Seiter
Courtney Seiter

Former Director of People @ Buffer

Jose Gilgado

I’m delighted to share that José Gilgado joined the Buffer team in December.

José joins us from Madrid, Spain and helps out the team with a focus on backend development.

José learned how to code when studying computer science in school and even cofounded a small web studio while in school.

José was recently in charge of supporting push notifications to mobile clients, and we’re excited to have his experience to help support our Android and iOS apps.

Here’s a cool story that Sunil shared with us as he introduced José to the team:

“My favorite story was hearing how José picked up English by himself.  Entirely self-motivated, he would read a chapter or two every day by himself to first pick things up.  After learning the basics himself only then did he started attending an English academy.”

José has already helped me a ton with my Spanish! He also loves to travel and has been to a crazy number of places around the world:

Jose's travels

We’ve all really loved getting to know José these past few months. We’d be keen for you to get to know him as well!

We ask new team members to write a little something about themselves for Buffer’s team page as well as answer a few fun questions (adapted from Vanity Fair‘s famous Proust questionnaire). Read on to get to know José a little better:

Straight from José

I love working at Buffer with such an awesome team by my side. It’s always amazing when I read a tweet or an article about Buffer and I see how much impact we have when we are able to fix a bug or create something useful for our users.

I also love being a minimalist, reading good literature, learning new languages (working on my Japanese now) and going for a run before dawn.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A combination of physical and mental aspects. On the physical side: being happy with my body by eating healthy, sleeping and working out well and regularly is very important. Mentally, I like to have good and meaningful relationships, goals and a feeling of accomplishment for those goals from time to time. In the combination of both sides I can find happiness although it’s always a challenge :)

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Getting to a point in my life where I truly love other people and being aware of that, in my opinion love is the most powerful thing :)

Where would you like to live?

Everywhere! But in the short term cities like San Francisco, New York or Tokyo sound great!

What is your motto?

It is something like “better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow”. It’s inspired by kaizen, an idea focus on continuos improvement originated in Japan and applied in many different industries and companies nowadays.

Who are your favorite writers?

I have so many, but my favorite ones are Dostoyevsky, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Alexandre Dumas and Juan Ramon Jiménez. Some of the books that I have read and loved by these writers are Crime and Punishment, The Club Dumas, The Painter of Battles, The Nautical Chart, The Count of Monte Cristo and Platero and I.

Welcome, José!

You can find Jose on Twitter at @josemdev if you’d like to say hi; he’s super inspiring to talk with!

I know I speak for the whole team in saying how excited we are that José has made Buffer his home. Welcome, José!

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