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How A Creative Marketing Agency Brings Brands To Life With Video And Buffer

Influence Media is a creative marketing agency based in the UK. Here's a look into how they use video and Buffer to bring their clients' stories to life.

Apr 19, 2022 2 min readCase Studies
Photo of Mike Eckstein
Mike Eckstein

Product Marketing Manager @ Buffer

What do a hamburger restaurant chain, a law firm, and a sustainable packing company have in common?

They all use social media to grow their brand and they all call on the team at Influence Media to help them create and manage their social content.

A photo of Luke shooting content with a client.

Founded by Luke Thornton and based in the UK, Influence Media has a broad spectrum of clients. Some large, some small. Some local, some international. It keeps life interesting for them and it makes Buffer the ideal tool for developing a consistent presence for such a variety of brands.

Here's what Luke had to say when we asked him about the role Buffer plays in his business:

We have ten plus clients on Buffer, which means we manage about thirty social channels in total and rising. Social media management makes up a significant amount of what we do here, so Buffer is an important part of our business.

A key ingredient in Influence Media’s secret sauce is their in-house creative team. Social media is an increasingly visual world, and having professional film and photography as part of their service enables them to deliver high-quality content for their clients' social channels.

We offer the full video production package; from initial strategy planning, creative ideation, and storyboarding right through to production services and post-production.

The social content they create ends up in Buffer, where they plan and schedule posts across Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter for all of their clients in a single, simple dashboard.

Influence Media's social content calendar in Buffer
Influence Media's social content calendar in Buffer
Buffer makes business manageable for us. We can manage all posts in one place and it’s easy to use. It’s a real lifesaver.

Luke has also shared new feature requests with the Buffer team and having that connection helps both Buffer and Influence Media deliver more value to their customers.

Video is such a powerful medium, and not just on platforms like Instagram. We had been asking for a LinkedIn native video scheduling feature for a while and when Buffer added it to their product we were thrilled!

As for advice for any business that wants to grow its social media following? Consistency is key, according to Luke.

The secret to a great social media strategy is consistency. Buffer is the perfect tool to maintain a consistent posting schedule, especially if you’re juggling content across multiple channels.
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