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Creating a Company Culture: A Bufferchat Recap

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Arielle Tannenbaum
Arielle Tannenbaum Team Buffer
Creating a Company Culture: A Bufferchat Recap

This week in #bufferchat, we discussed the concept of creating a company culture with our guest, Matthew Partovi, the founder of @culturevist! Throughout the conversation, we explored what a great company culture looks like, what an individual at a company can do to impact the culture in a positive way, and much more.

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Q1: What does a great company culture look like to you?

From Matt:

  • A great company culture means different things to different people. What some may think is great, others may not.
  • If the people with the power are honest about what they think ‘great’ looks like, we can decide whether we feel similar.
  • To me it includes an inspiring vision, transparency & honesty, and the courage to support words with actions.

From the community:

  • “A good company culture is where there is trust, openness, transparency and respect across all levels of business.” @KatLoughrey
  • “A culture that inspires personal growth, which is the only way there will be true growth for the whole.” @AnnaAnnamotion
  • “Synergy. Showcases how every dimension of the brand & its team is important. Good practices, values & goals in common.” @Typ0Queen
  • “To me, it looks like honesty, positivity, hard-working, humility, thankful, open, welcoming, & motivating!” @CMGRmelissa
  • “Great company culture is hard to define but easy to recognize. It’s more than a mission statement plaque on the wall.” @Thekneil

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Q2: How have you been impacted by company culture?

From Matt:

  • Company culture has been the difference between me looking forward to work at the start of the week and not.
  • Company culture has been the difference between me doing things because I have to, and doing them because I want to.
  • Company culture was one of the things that affected whether we could keep up with our customers & the market.

From the community:

  • “Company culture can mean the difference of seizing a task and creating awesome outcomes, or putting in the minimum.” @AnnDiab
  • “Company culture has been both toxic and invigorating. Swimming against the tide of opposite values can be draining.” @MaureenOnPoint
  • “The close-knit & small team setting that most startups encourage has allowed me to develop my skills a lot faster. LOVE IT.” @winniegiang
  • “B/c of great company culture, I don’t count hours in the day or days in the week. I see work as a positive part of my life.” @conradc
  • “Sad truth is, many unhappy experiences. Usually a stated culture w/ no backing to it. Inspired me to improve myself though!” @ItsADinah

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Q3: What would you suggest as the first step for shifting an organization’s culture?

From Matt:

  • One of the most powerful steps is gathering other people who also care about the org’s culture to form a network.
  • Understanding how the people with the power want things to be, so you get a sense of where you’re starting from.
  • One step could be not trying to convince everyone. You could start small and go where the energy is.
  • Once conversation has happened, experiment. When there’s debate it’s difficult to know ‘right’ answer until you try (safely).

From the community:

  • “Let the employees lead! People will be more willing to be a part of a culture that they helped create.” @martinlieberman
  • “It has to start from the top, be communicated effectively and have those in charge lead by example.” @MNDEmpire
  • “The first step? Getting super clear on what you want that culture to look like.” @kristlyuen
  • “Also take a reality check: what cultural attributes do you have now? If total opposite of desired, may be a stretch too far?” @little_lj
  • “Not knowing what your company values can impair your ability to shift to a culture that aligns with those values.” @mwilton13

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Q4: As a company grows, how can it maintain its culture?

From Matt:

  • Culture will change, though it can become better/stronger as the company grows – you may need to invest more into it.
  • Remember/discover what made your company unique earlier on. See if it’s still relevant – if so, protect and amplify it.

From the community:

  • “Communicate goals & values w/ employees. Make sure everyone knows they’re contributing to the company.Don’t forget abt them!” @NatashaWest_
  • “By hiring the right people. People affect the culture of a company more than anything else.” @SearcySledge
  • “Build social into business; have retreats; encourage a portion of time to be dedicated to meeting each other.” @incipecoop
  • “Engagement + encouragement. If people feel they belong, they will keep this culture in their hearts & guard it well.” @ionafresnova
  • “Eliminate the gap between management & employees in decision making.” @ramoscheryle

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Q5: What’s a big challenge when it comes to changing company culture?

From Matt:

  • There are many things such as mindset, habits, and more, though one of the most significant is incentives.
  • People without power may be frustrated with status quo, but things may be working exactly as the people with the power want.
  • It’s hard to influence people to change when they’re incentivised to keep things as they are.
  • If achieving short term targets is prioritised at the cost of longer-term culture, there may well be cause for concern.

From the community:

  • “Inertia to change. People pay lip service to change but change is hard.” @ideakid88
  • “it takes more energy to be #positive than remain #negative.” @M2Franz
  • “Patience! Company culture can’t be changed in a day.” @sola_eclipses
  • “Leadership lacking self-awareness, not knowing something even needs to be changed.” @thegrumpygirl
  • “Finding the balance between bringing in the new and keeping what worked before.” @YesSharleen

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Q6: What’s one thing an individual can do at their own company to positively impact the culture?

From Matt:

  • Gather others who care about your company’s culture. A network is a powerful force that really can make change happen.
  • Recognise and curate examples of things you’d like to see more (or less) of.

From the community:

  • “Celebrate the little things, be present in your co-worker’s life and make sure to listen to others!” @danielleirogers
  • “Empower those around you. Be a resource when they’re struggling and don’t be afraid to reach out when you are. Builds trust.” @TheKyleMurray
  • “Actively reach out to colleagues in other teams to learn about their work, and add value when possible.” @bestcapetownSA
  • “Engage with new hires – you are a key in transferring positive values & including those who come after you #setthetone.” @kyriemelnyck
  • “Just that of course, be positive. In your actions & words. They are contagious, and move mountains.” @patriciachang87

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Q7: What are great resources for learning more about creating/changing company culture?

From Matt:

From the community:




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Thank you so much to Matt for sharing his awesome insights and to everyone who participated in this awesome chat!

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