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Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee

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Behind the Scenes of Buffer’s 10th Retreat in San Diego, CA

We held our 10th company retreat this past April and it was a big one! 83 teammates flew or drove to sunny San Diego for a week of work with plenty of team bonding and activities thrown in. We treat everything like an experiment at Buffer, so each team retreat is an opportunity for us to reflect and decide what to keep, what to discard, what to introduce, and what to iterate on. Here are some highlights

Remote Team Meetups: Here’s What Works For Us

Experimentation and iteration lie at the heart of a lot of things we do at Buffer. If you’ve been following the Open Blog for some time, or even if you’ve just popped by (hey there!), you might notice that we reflect on remote work–a lot . Our remote setup enables our distributed team to work wherever they’re happiest and that freedom is a much-valued perk that Buffer teammates enjoy. Our employees feel trusted to be in control of their job, and for us, we

Planning A Company Retreat: Things We Did Differently for Buffer’s 9th Retreat in Singapore

Prefer to listen? Here’s an audio version of this post. I still remember the setting: it was a little coffee shop in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. We were three and a half months into planning the company retreat and a few days into the scouting trip. Nicole and I were knee deep in our notes from a morning meeting with a potential vendor and ideas for the retreat were flying. By that time, we’d narrowed down our initial list of 18 potential retreat cities across the world to just three: Scottsdal

Step-by-Step: How We Planned A Retreat For a Remote Team of 75

One of the first projects I took on in bootcamp was helping to plan the next Buffer retreat. Along with my mentor, manager, and friend, Rodolphe, we started thinking about that retreat about a week after the Hawaii retreat wrapped up. I’d love to take you through exactly how we planned Buffer’s 8th retreat, from start to finish, from an operations perspective. Let’s dive in! Our Timeline for Buffer’s 8th Retreat in Madrid Here’s a rough timeline of how things unfolded for the Madrid retreat