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Neil Patel

Neil Patel

A collection of 3 posts

Tips / How ToAug 26, 2014
How to Save Six Hours a Week on Social Media

You know the feeling. You’re sitting there, staring at your hands, at the keyboard, at the screen, at the ceiling. You’re supposed to post something on Twitter, but you have no idea what to post. I’ve been there before. I think we’ve all been there. Everything that comes to mind seems lame. Slogans, links, articles, quotes, pictures—you have no clue. So you sit there wasting your time. We’re all too busy to afford this wasted time. Social media shouldn’t be a time waster. It should be a money

Guides & CoursesAug 12, 2014
14 Twitter Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Twitter Pro

Admit it. Sometimes, your Twitter life is messy. You follow hundreds of people — maybe thousands. Staring at your timeline is about as intelligible as reading a stock ticker. How do you bring organization to your Twitter life ? How do you rise above the confusion, cut through the complexity, and become a superstar on Twitter ? You l

Guides & CoursesJul 8, 2014
7 Key Ingredients of a Great Twitter Bio

Your online reputation is your reputation. And it better be good. The way you describe yourself on Twitter has everything to do with how people perceive you online . So how the heck do you do it right? In this post, we’ll go over the 7 key ingredients of a powerful Twitter bio–whether you’re a novice [