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Julian Winternheimer

Julian Winternheimer

A collection of 3 posts

OverflowMar 7, 2018
Bot or Not: Identifying Twitter Bots With Machine Learning

I recently happened across this Tweet from Mike Kearney about his new R package called botornot. It’s core function is to classify Twitter profiles into two categories: “bot” or “not”. Having seen the tweet, I couldn’t not take the package for a spin. In this post we’ll use try to determine which of the Buffer team’s Twitter accounts are most bot-like. We’ll also test the botornot model on accounts that we know to be bots. Data Collecti

OverflowMar 11, 2016
Transparency Through Data: Building an MRR Forecasting Tool in R

At Buffer we really value transparency. Defaulting to transparency is one of our core values , and we’ve been fortunate to have been involved in some incredible discussions about transparent company cultures as a direct result. For a quick sampler, you can check out our salaries and revenue here, and you can read about the rewards and challenges of building a fully distribu

Self-ImprovementMay 11, 2015
What I Learned Doing Customer Support Exclusively For a Week

When I joined Buffer a few months ago, I figured my best chance to add value to the team would be to use my background in statistics, data and growth. But I recently had the opportunity to drop what I was working on and spend one of the final weeks of my Buffer boot camp solely on customer support for an entire week. It wasn’t a mandatory assignment; more a proposed journey to a different side of the company that could give me a new perspective of Buffer as a product and organization. Because