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Josh Haynam

Josh Haynam

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OpenApr 23, 2015
The Transparency Movement: What It Is, Why It’s Important And How to Get Involved

For most business owners, the thought of telling the world all of your financials is intensely frightening. The prospect of the whole world seeing and analyzing your every business move is enough to put even the most seasoned entrepreneurs in the corner crying. But as we’ve seen with companies like Buffer, that sort of transparency and openness is becoming less and less of an outlier. For many, it’s actually part of the very foundation of their existence! More and more startups are finding be

Online MarketingSep 10, 2014
How to Sound Human: Data-Backed Keys to Making Your Voice Stand Out From the Online Noise

Every single day, 4.75 billion posts go up on Facebook. To put that number in perspective, there have only been 129 million books published since the beginning of time, with an average word length of 64,000 words. That means we are publishing more content (by number of words) every single day on Facebook than is contained in every single book published since humans have existed! For us marketers, it’s our job to