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Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey

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ReportsJul 7, 2014
Experiments, New Apps, Sneak Peeks, and More: Buffer’s June Product Report

We’ve been working hard at Buffer to launch new features and products, improve existing product areas and build out our internal tools to help us move faster than ever. This is our first product report of the year, and I’d love to explore everything going on behind the scenes at Buffer! What we launched: New product launches in June In June we had several major launches that are helping us to move the needle of Buffer’s growth. In the web app, we’ve begun curating new topics for content sugges

The Simple Experiment That Showed Us What to Build Next

How do we know what features to work on next for Buffer? A few months ago, we had the opportunity to test out a method of investigating which types of social accounts Buffer users would be most interested in using next. Here’s the tool we used to find out which type of account was most-wanted, and how we followed up with everyone who sent us a request. What we did Here’s our current Connect page: The Connect page didn’t always look like this, however. Just a few months ago several of these

Self-ImprovementMay 7, 2013
How to be Happier and More Productive by Avoiding ‘Decision Fatigue’

Let’s say it’s your birthday. First, happy birthday! We got you a cake. We’ll come back to the cake in a moment. Second, we have a question for you on your special day. Your friends want to give you the celebration you deserve, but they’re stumped. They can’t decide whether to a) let you plan your perfect evening, from the first stop through the main event, or b) plan the perfect evening for you, leaving you with just one responsibility: to enjoy. Which would you pick? For myself and a surp