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50 AI Prompts for Better Social Posts

Here are 50 prompts you can tell AI to generate better social media posts. Reach more fans, engage more people, and generate more followers by stealing these prompts.

Oct 17, 2023 5 min read
Photo of Phill Agnew
Phill Agnew

Senior Product Marketer @ Buffer

Most weeks, I stare blankly at my LinkedIn channel, wondering what on earth I should post. It's hard.

Coming up with new content on a weekly or even daily basis isn’t just time-consuming, it can be infuriating.

Fortunately, Buffer’s AI Assistant can help. But there’s a secret you need to know if you want to get the most out of it: adding the right prompts.

Why prompts matter

One word: context. 

For AI to thrive, it needs adequate information. Like with Buffer’s AI Assistant, the difference between a basic prompt and a well-informed one can be striking.

For instance, the prompt:

“Write a tweet about Black Friday” will deliver this post: 

"Gear up for the shopping spree! #BlackFriday is near.” 


But, with a detailed prompt:

“I run a sustainable coffee shop with a unique organic, fair-trade roast from Peru. Can you craft a post for our Black Friday 50% off deal targeting eco-conscious consumers?”

You get:

Fuel your day with purpose! Enjoy 50% off our distinct organic roast this #BlackFriday. Hand picked for those craving sustainable goodness! #EcoCoffee

AI rule of thumb: Nail the input and you’re way closer to the perfect output. 

With that in mind — are you ready for some prompt inspiration? The list below will help you get the hang of crafting the right input for a great output. Fill in the placeholders in square brackets so the AI returns content applicable to you.

Use these prompts in your AI tool of choice or, if you're a Buffer user, click on the 'use' link to open them directly in Buffer's Ideas space, so you can schedule them then and there.

50 AI prompts to kickstart your creativity 

  1. Create a post that features [number] essential tools or resources for [target audience] related to [topic] (use).
  2. Write a post that shares the top [number] influencers or thought leaders to follow in [industry/field] (use).
  3. Generate a post that highlights [number] creative ways to use [product/service] for [target audience] (use).
  4. Create a post that shares a personal story or experience related to [topic] and its impact on your life or business (use).
  5. Write a post that offers [number] productivity hacks or time-saving tips for [target audience] related to [topic] (use).
  6. Create a post that highlights the environmental, social, or economic benefits of [topic] for [target audience] (use).
  7. Generate a post that showcases [number] common challenges faced by [target audience] and offers solutions related to [topic] (use).
  8. Write a post that discusses the future of [industry/field] and its implications for [target audience] (use).
  9. Create a post that features a giveaway or contest related to [topic], encouraging engagement from [target audience] (use).
  10. Draft a post that includes a roundup of [number] best articles, podcasts, or videos related to [topic] for [target audience] (use).
  11. Write a post that explores the history of [topic] and its evolution over time (use).
  12. Create a post that shares [number] interesting or lesser-known facts about [topic] and their relevance for [target audience] (use).
  13. Based on [enter link], share [number] ideas for a social media post (use).
  14. Write a [social media name] post about [topic] that includes a call to action for [target audience] (use).
  15. Draft a post that showcases [number] ways to [achieve a specific goal related to the topic] (use).
  16. Create a post that breaks down [complex topic] into simple steps for [target audience] (use).
  17. Write a post that shares the latest news and developments in [industry/field] (use).
  18. Draft a post that offers [number] expert tips for [topic] for [target audience] (use).
  19. Create a post that explains the benefits of [product/service] for [target audience] (use).
  20. Write a post that features [number] inspiring stories related to [topic] (use).
  21. Draft a post that shares [number] interesting facts about [topic] (use).
  22. Create a post that lists [number] common misconceptions about [topic] and provides accurate information (use).
  23. Write a post that compares [product/service A] and [product/service B] in terms of [specific aspect or feature] (use).
  24. Create a social media post that announces [content piece] and highlights its key takeaways for [target audience] (use).
  25. Draft a post that features a quote from [content piece] and provides a link to read more (use).
  26. Write a post that showcases [number] reasons why [target audience] should check out [content piece] (use).
  27. Create a post that highlights the unique features of [content piece] and its benefits for [target audience] (use).
  28. Draft a post that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of [content piece] (use).
  29. Write a post that features [number] testimonials from satisfied readers of [content piece] (use).
  30. Create a post that asks [target audience] to share their thoughts on [content piece] and provides a link to read more (use).
  31. Draft a post that offers [number] exclusive tips or insights from [content piece] not found anywhere else (use).
  32. Write a post that showcases the positive impact [content piece] has had on [specific industry or field] (use).
  33. Create a post that presents [content piece] as a solution to [specific problem or challenge faced by target audience] (use).
  34. Rewrite this social post in a more engaging style: [add the social media post] (use).
  35. Turn this LinkedIn post into a Twitter Thread: [add the LinkedIn post] (use).
  36. Take this Facebook post and transform it into a caption for Instagram: [add the Facebook post] (use).
  37. Take this YouTube description and create a TikTok caption for the video: [add the YouTube description] (use).
  38. Read my 5 best performing social posts and come up with a new post in a similar style: [add 5 best performing social posts] (use).
  39. I run the [social media name] for a [type of account]. Share [number] ideas to help increase engagement on my account (use).
  40. Generate [number] [post type] announcing the launch of our new [product/service name & description] (use).
  41. Create a social media post that showcases the benefits of [product/service] for [target audience] (use).
  42. Generate a motivational quote for [target audience] related to [topic] (use).
  43. Write a how-to post on [topic] for [target audience] (use).
  44. Create a post that highlights the latest trends in [industry/field] (use).
  45. Generate a list of [number] tips for [target audience] on [topic] (use).
  46. Write a post that explains the science behind [topic] like you would to a 5-year-old (use).
  47. Create a post that debunks common myths about [topic] (use).
  48. Generate a post that discusses the impact of [topic/event/trend] on [industry/field] (use).
  49. Write a post that features [number] success stories related to [topic] (use).
  50. Create a post that compares and contrasts [topic A] and [topic B] for [target audience] (use).

Tips for creating a great prompt

But what if you want to craft a great prompt all by yourself? Here are some suggestions — ask yourself these questions to help you create a better prompt:

  • Objective: What is the goal of the post? Are you promoting a product, sharing information, driving engagement, or something else?
  • Target audience: Who is the intended audience for this post? Understanding your audience helps tailor the tone and style accordingly. 
  • Content: Always provide the main content you want to include in the post. It could be a specific message, a call-to-action, or any other specific details you'd like to share.
  • Keywords/hashtags: Provide any specific keywords or hashtags you want to include to improve visibility and engagement.
  • Tone and style: Do you have any preferences for the tone and style of the post? For example, friendly, informative, cheeky, to-the-point, etc.
  • Branding: If applicable, share any branding guidelines or information you'd like to incorporate into the post.
  • CTA (call-to-action): If you want to direct the audience to a website, landing page, or any specific action, please provide the link or CTA details.

Stuck on social media posts?

Buffer's AI Assistant has your back! It suggests content your audience will love, but it needs context. The more you share, the better the suggestions.

Got a prompt to add to our list? Tweet us to let us know! 

Want a challenge? Join our two-week AI Accelerator course. The goal = 2x your growth in 2 weeks. Join the course today (it’s free) →
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