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10,000 Tweets sent using Buffer! [Stats]

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Leo Widrich
Leo Widrich Team Buffer

We’re really excited to let you know that we’ve just hit a big milestone here at Buffer. Our lovely users have sent out a combined total of 10,000 tweets. We’re delighted to be helping people send so many tweets ?

We’re particularly happy about the curve that all these tweets is generating, so we want to share it with you. Take a look:

This is of course due to all of you Buffering great tweets every day. As can be seen below, Buffer is currently sending close to 500 tweets every day:

The only thing for us left to say is thank you and keep on Buffering! Stay tuned for many more useful features to be unveiled soon.

Is there anything you want to desperately see Buffer do for you? Let us know in the comments and we will let you know what we can do about it.

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