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The Big List of 140+ Keyboard Shortcuts For You Most Used Online Tools

Kevan Lee
Kevan Lee Former VP of Marketing @ Buffer
The Big List of 140+ Keyboard Shortcuts For You Most Used Online Tools

11 min read
You will learn

Isaac Newton discovered gravity. I discovered what a four-finger swipe does on my Macbook.

The discoveries will not go down the same in history, but I have to admit: I was pretty stoked to find mine.

Little epiphanies like these are hugely satisfying when I’m trying to squeeze just a little more time out of each and every day. A second or two here becomes a minute or two there. It’s an awesome feeling to sense that you’re working just as fast as possible.

We’re always looking to work smarter, not harder, here at Buffer, and we often hunt for keyboard shortcuts in our favorite apps, tools, and services. We thought it might be useful to share some of our discoveries (and favorites) with you.

With the shortcuts you see below, I’ve listed most with their Mac keyboard names and shortcuts. If you’re using a Windows keyboard, in most cases you can replace the Command on a Mac with  Control on a PC.

Common keyboard shortcuts

Before we get in too deep, I wanted to quickly review a handful of common shortcuts that are helpful to know in a variety of different apps and services. You might already be familiar with these, but just in case:

<Command>+c = copy

<Command>+x = cut

<Command>+v = paste

<Command>+q = quit

<Command>+w = close window

<Command>+n = open new

<Command>+s = save

<Command>+p = print

Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail

We’ve built quite the system for the way that we use Gmail at Buffer. As a distributed team, it’s imperative that we stay in touch as often as possible and make connections on as many different points as can be. Email can get deep and wide pretty fast. Here’s how we combat it:

e = archive email and return to inbox

] = archive email and go to next email (returns to inbox if you’re at the last email)

g then i = go to inbox

<Shift>+u = mark unread

c = compose a new email

r = reply to sender

a = reply-all

<Command>+<Shift>+c = add cc recipients

<Command>+<Shift>+b = add bcc recipients

To see the full list of Gmail shortcuts, simply type a question mark from anywhere inside Gmail.

Note: If keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to be working, check your Gmail settings for the on/off switch.

Keyboard shortcuts for Twitter

As part of our Twitter tips series, we mentioned how you can supercharge your Twitter experience with shortcuts. Twitter makes it as simple as possible by using up key real estate in their drop down menu to link to their full list of shortcuts. Here are a few favorites:

g + i = Takes me directly to my Twitter lists

j = next Tweet

k = previous Tweet

Enter = open Tweet details

You can view the full list of shortcuts by clicking on More > Settings and Support > and selecting Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts for Facebook

Facebook keyboard shortcuts differ by operating system and browser. For Mac, all of Facebook’s navigational shortcuts in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome start with Control and Option and followed by a number.

Here are where each of the 10 numbers takes you:

0 – Help

1 – Home

2 – Timeline/Feed

3 – Friends

4 – Inbox

5 – Notifications

6 – Settings

7 – Activity Log

8 – About

9 – Terms

In addition, there are a few regular shortcuts that can make browsing Facebook even faster.

j/k = scroll up/down between News Feed stories

l = like or unlike a post

c = comment on a post

s = share a post

p = post a new status update

/ = search

Typing a question mark will open the full list of Facebook shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts for Mastodon

Mastodon is a new social media platform that aims to be more decentralized and user-friendly than other mainstream options. It's based on a federated system of servers, which means users can join different communities or "instances" that have their own rules and moderation. Mastodon has extensive keyboard shortcuts, which allow users to navigate the platform more efficiently and quickly. These shortcuts include everything from composing new posts to searching for specific content or users. To see a full list of keyboard shortcuts, simply type ? anywhere on Mastodon.

R = reply to post

M = mention author

F = favorite post

B = boost post

O = open post

G+H = open home timeline

G+L = open local timeline

G+F = open federated timeline

Keyboard shortcuts for YouTube

Are you a fan of YouTube? We’ve started building more videos ourselves here at Buffer, so we’re excited to learn more about how everything works. We also love watching cool vids! Here are some ways we’ve found to watch even faster.

1 = jump ahead to 10% through a video

5 = jump ahead to 50%

Any other single digit = jump ahead to a certain percentage through a video (e.g., 3 = 30%, 4  = 40%)

0 = starts the video over from the beginning

<Spacebar> = pauses/unpauses the video

Here are even more shortcuts for YouTube, courtesy of Hong Kiat.

Keyboard shortcuts for WordPress

We use WordPress every day for composing our blog posts here at Buffer, so we’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. If you ever want to view the full list of keyboard shortcuts inside your WordPress editor, click on the question mark icon from the editor menu.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

<Command>+ 2, 3, or 4 = Heading 2, 3, or 4 wherever your cursor currently is

<Alt>+<Shift>+a = add a link

<Alt>+<Shift>+m = insert an image

(I use distraction-free writing mode when I’m composing in WordPress, and there’s a neat shortcut that lets you resize the width of the distraction-free editor. Press <Control>+plus/minus to change the width.)

To see the full list of WordPress shortcuts, you can click the question mark icon in the menu bar of your post editor, or use the shortcut <Alt>+<Shift>+h.

Keyboard shortcuts for Pocket

I’ve found Pocket to be an ideal part of my researching and reading habit, and it’s great to learn new ways to make this tool even more useful. Here are a couple.

<Command>+1 = go to homepage (View Menu)

<Command>+2 = go to favorites (View Menu)

<Command>+3 = go to archive (View Menu)

a = Archive (Item Menu)

f = Favorite (Item Menu)

The complete list of keyboard shortcuts can be found here.

Keyboard shortcuts for Mac

We are pretty big Apple fans at Buffer and we’ve learned some pretty nifty tricks to fly through our workflows just as fast as possible. Here are a few of our favorite tips:

<Command>+<Spacebar> = opens Spotlight search so you can search your Mac for anything (files, apps, etc.)

<Command>+up/down = scroll to top/bottom of a page or document

<Command>+h = hides the active window

<Command>+<Tab> = switches between open applications

<Command>+d = functions as the delete key

<Command>+<Shift>+4, then <Spacebar> = the first part of this shortcut lets you take a screenshot of anything you see. Just press the hotkeys then click and drag the crosshair cursor over the area you want to grab. If you’d like to take a screenshot of an entire window, press spacebar once the crosshair cursor appears.

Here is a huge list of even more shortcuts for Mac.

Mac accessibility shortcuts

<Command>+F5 = turn VoiceOver on or off

Option+<Command>+8 = turn zoom on or off

Option+<Command>+Plus sign (+) = zoom in

Option+<Command>+Minus sign (-) = zoom out

Control+Option+Command+8 = invert colors

Control+Option+<Command>+Comma (,) = reduce contrast

Control+Option+<Command>+Period (.) = increase contrast

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows

Before joining Buffer, I worked at a company that exclusively used PCs, so I learned a number of different ways to work quickly in Windows. I get the sense that a lot of you might be on a PC too, so if I overlooked any of your favorite shortcuts , please add them to the comments!

<Alt>+home/end = scrolls to the top/bottom of a window/page

<Alt>+<Tab> = switch between open windows

<Windows>+d = show desktop

F2 = rename a selected file or folder

<Windows>+<Print Screen> = take a screenshot ands save it to a “screenshots” folder in your pictures

<Windows>+m = minimize all windows

<Control>+scroll = in windows explorer, this cycles through viewing options and changes folder sizes

There are tons more Windows keyboard shortcuts, too.

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs

When I’m not writing in WordPress, I’m writing in Google Docs. A lot of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Docs are similar to the common ones you use in a lot of other places: copy, cut, paste, etc. That being said, here are three unique ones that save me a bit of time.

<Command>+k = insert link

<Command>+<Shift>+c = word count

<Command>+<Option>+m = insert a comment

Here is the full list of Google Docs keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts for browsers

Most browsers can be sped up the same way with similar shortcuts across each. You’re likely familiar with a few of these. Did I miss any of your favorites?

<Command>+n = opens a new window

<Command>+t = opens a new tab

<Command>+w = closes the current tab

<Command>+<Shift>+t = opens the most recently closed tab(s)

<Command>+<Shift>+n = opens a new Incognito window (great for seeing how someone else might experience a page if they’re not logged in as you)

<Command>+l = places your cursor in the address bar

<Command>+plus/minus = increases/decreases the zoom on the page (<Command>+zero resets everything to default)

Keyboard shortcuts for Dropbox

Dropbox has been a huge help for me to digitize parts of my life that used to take up boxes and boxes in my office. Now that there’s a whole bunch of files there, it’s been fun to figure out how to surf them even faster. Here are a few tips:

/ = search

left = go up a folder

right = open a selected folder

<Enter> = download or open a file

F2 = rename a selected file

You can access the full list of Dropbox keyboard shortcuts by typing a question mark within Dropbox.

Keyboard shortcuts for Feedly

Feedly is a favorite integration for many of us who use Buffer, and it’s one of the most popular RSS readers out there. The keyboard shortcuts are really unique and interesting, too. These only require keying in a letter or series of letters. No Command, Control, Alt, or Shift needed!

Gt = today

ga = view all

gg = jump to

gl = read later

m = mark as read

s = save for later

b = add to Buffer

The complete list of Feedly shortcuts can be viewed at any time by typing a question mark.

Keyboard shortcuts for Notion

Notion is a powerful all-in-one workspace that allows users to organize their tasks, projects, and notes in one place. Its flexibility and customization options make it a great tool for individuals and teams to stay productive and organized. Here are some popular shortcuts:

<Command> +<Option> +B = create a new page

<Command>+<Shift>+L = toggle the left-hand sidebar

<Command>+<Shift>+D = duplicate a page or block

<Command>+<Shift> P = toggle the page settings menu

<Command>+[ = go back one page

<Command>+] = move forward one page

And don’t forget the all of the handy slash commands available! Typing / in Notion brings up a menu of content blocks you can choose to insert. You can shortcut this further by pressing / and then typing what you want. Here are a few examples of some basic slash commands:

/text or /plain = creates a new text block.

/page = creates a new page (and will open it automatically when you press enter).

/bullet = creates a bulleted list.

/num = creates a numbered list.

/todo = creates a to-do list with checkboxes.

/toggle = creates a toggle list.

/div = creates a light gray divider.

/quote = creates a quote block of larger text.

You can check out the full list of shortcuts here.

Screenshot courtesy of the r/Notion Reddit community.

Keyboard shortcuts for Todoist

Todoist is a simple and intuitive task management app that helps you stay organized and productive by allowing you to easily create and manage tasks, set reminders, and collaborate with others. Here’s a few of our favorite shortcuts that allow us to be even more productive:

Q = quick add

/ or F = quick search

G then T = go to Today

G then U = go to Upcoming

G then P = go to Projects

A = add a new task to the bottom of the list

<Shift>+A = add a new task to the top of the list

<Command>+E = edit task

C = comment

<Command>+K = command menu

You can see more shortcuts here or type ? while Todoist is open to view all keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts for Evernote

You might use Evernote for your curation or saving strategy. It makes clipping and saving from just about anywhere—browser, phone, photos, handwritten notes—super easy and useful. A number of us on the Buffer team use it regularly. Here are some top shortcuts:

<Command>+n = create a new note

<Command>+<Shift>+n = create a new notebook

<Control>+<Command>+n = create new tag (Windows users try <Control>+<Shift>+t)

Here are even more Evernote shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts for Spotify

Do you listen to music while you work? Turns out there are a number of neat benefits in regards to music and the brain, so connecting with services like Spotify could help you work a little faster. Here are some quick tips:

<Command>+up/down = volume up/down

<Command>+left/right = next/previous track

<Spacebar> = pause/unpause

<Enter> = play selected row

Keyboard shortcuts for Soundcloud

Soundcloud is another source of great music to optimize your brain for creativity; plus Soundcloud hosts a number of podcasts and unique audio tracks that are uploaded from users. Here are some ways to work with Soundcloud even faster:

<Shift>+up/down = increase/decrease volume

<Spacebar> = pause/unpause

<Shift>+left/right = play next/previous track

arrow left/right = seek

l = like the playing track

r = repost the playing track

You can see the full list of Soundcloud shortcuts by pressing H from inside Soundcloud.

Keyboard shortcuts for the Tumblr dashboard

If you’re into Tumblr for visual content, memes, or laughs, you can browse through your dashboard lightning fast with these shortcuts.

j/k = move forward/backward through your posts

l = like the current post

n = view notes for the current post

arrow right/left = go to the next/previous page

<Alt>+r = reblog the current post

Even more Tumblr keyboard shortcuts and fun tips can be found here.

What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts?

I’m sure you’ve got some neat ways that you’ve found to hack your way to a quicker workflow. What keyboard shortcuts do you use? Are there some favorite apps with some favorite hacks?

I’d love to hear any tips you might have in the comments. I’m always on the look out for more ways to work smarter!

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