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Creating Brand Awareness: A Bufferchat Recap

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Alfred Lua
Alfred Lua Product Marketing @ Buffer
Creating Brand Awareness: A Bufferchat Recap

This week in #bufferchat, we all talked about creating brand awareness! We discussed the components of a memorable brand, ways to build and measure brand awareness, how to involve the community to share about a brand and much more.

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Bufferchat on August 3, 2016: Creating Brand Awareness

This week’s stats:
1st Bufferchat: 143 participants; 619 tweets; reach of 1,031,758
2nd Bufferchat: 293 participants; 2,065 tweets; reach of 1,718,201

Q1: What are the components of a memorable brand?

From the community:

  • “The primary component behind a memorable brand is a strong stance or idea. Apple has simplicity. Twitter has connectedness.” @BasicBon
  • “Quality of product, customer service, contribution to community, ethics (+ logo design ?)” @graeme_fulton
  • “PERSONALITY! The brand is humanized and thus remembered almost as you’d remember a friend.” @AnnaAnnamotion
  • “A brand’s easy to remember, engages w the audience, & solves a problem, otherwise it’s just a name.” @markdeafmcguire
  • “An addictive brand personality and compelling story that resonates with your targeted audience.” @jeskirkwood

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Q2: If a company is just starting out, what is the 1st thing they should do to start building brand awareness?

From the community:

  • “Listen. Don’t start off by talking about you, but ask questions of the people on social.” @DomGarrett
  • “Know your “why” inside and out.” @_boldkick
  • “Outreach and community participation. Find the hubs and tribes that are relevant. Go there, be helpful.” @andymci
  • “An absolute must is developing a strategy or plan to be sure they stay consistent. 1st steps to success, a plan!!” @KhadayaHale_VA
  • “Define ur target audience & position your product/service as a solution through engaging content” @GusRyan100

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Q3: What are your top marketing tactics for building brand awareness on a budget?

From the community:

  • “Be realistic – brand awareness takes time; it’s not going to happen overnight! Have a focus!” @danielleirogers
  • “Don’t try to market yourself everywhere – stick to an area where your target market is” @GoldStarMedia
  • “Always start w end in mind (goals, targets). Fill in w milestones and tactics on achieveable actions along the way” @mobileslate
  • “You want to grow organically. Let your consumers speak for your brand. #UGC and rich organic content.” @complexkickz
  • “Don’t underestimate the power of #organic social. Spend the time creating beautiful content & people will respond.” @gretchenfisk

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Q4: How can you involve your audience/community in spreading brand awareness?

From the community:

  • “Part 2 – Also get excited about your community, engage with them, celebrate their successes. It’s a two-way street.” @steveTjohnson
  • “Motivate them, share goals and ideas, involve them where possible in the decision making progress…” @Dhaar_mhie
  • “If you engage with h2h interactions. Your audience will organically spread your brand and your message.” @GoNewYorkTours
  • “Get them involved in the conversation! Give them little incentives/thank-yous, make them feel part of the community” @lexberju
  • “The type of brand changes the approach, but it still comes down to giving them an experience, not just a solution.” @calgarydreamer

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Q5: What are creative ways to partner with other brands?

From the community:

  • “Understand others’ objectives and see if it aligns. Then be creative! Unexpected partnerships can work out for the best. ?” @magentrix
  • “Co-host workshops/webinars, co-market to each others’ lists, guest post on their blogs, bundle offers” @WendyMaynard
  • “Partner for a worthy cause. When customers see companies serving purposes other than their own gain, engagement skyrockets!” @RCPatchett
  • “Swap management of your social channels for a day. Make it an event + let your followers know about it.” @lavehmarketing
  • “Find the place on the Venn Diagram where your audiences’ interests overlap. Build a partnership around that.” @Wilde_Agency

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Q6: How can you measure your brand awareness? What metrics can you look for?

From the community:

  • “Too many metrics to tweet – but most can be ignored. Which metrics match YOUR KPI’s? What is your brand goal?” @GoldStarMedia
  • “Track hashtags. Create KPIs to narrow focus. Look at following growth. Link clicks and follow through & engagements” @graphic_cash
  • “Good ole @googleanalytics: Referral and Recommendation ratio, share of conversation, brand-specific searches, inbound links” @chgormley86
  • “If you don’t have the resources to measure it, use something that makes it easier like” @graeme_fulton
  • “Shares/mentions metrics tell only half of the story. Analysis tone of conversations behind awareness.” @_nicolemich

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Q7: Is it possible to change the perception of your brand? If so, how?

From the community:

  • “Be truthful, transparent + honest at all times. Brands should rightly evolve – but involve + include your audience!” @MissRachilli
  • “Absolutely. But it has to be authentic and top / down + bottom / up. Look @ Nike & child labor.” @dariasteigman
  • “A change of methodology must start from within before without. A brand has to change internally first.” @complexkickz
  • “gradual, and in line with the customers needs & expectations. See @McDonalds renaming to ‘Macca’s’ in Australia” @AdamCinemre
  • “Yes it is! Get back to basics: 1.product/service audience 3. Value prop 4. Freshen up web look n tagline” @rosiecavero

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Thank you so much to our community for sharing your awesome insights and for participating in this chat!

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Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

Image sources: UnSplash

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