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Kelsey Libert

Kelsey Libert

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Tips / How ToJan 13, 2015
How to Build an Outreach Strategy to Earn More Social Shares

What are your digital marketing goals for the months ahead? If you’re looking to increase your content’s social shares (as so many of us are), we’ve got some amazing new research to share on how to create an ideal outreach strategy for your industry. BuzzStream and Fractl have collaborated to give you a jumpstart on optimizing your outreach for social traction. We analyzed 220 high- and low-engagement websites from 11 major verticals that produce content. The result? A roadmap for planning fo

ResearchJul 15, 2014
The Science of Viral Content: Which Emotions Make Us Share?

Is creating the next viral hit on your marketing to-do list? If you’re in the marketing or social media industry, the answer is probably “Yes!” (and if you’re not, and the answer is probably still “Yes!”). Campaigns that succeed are those that carefully consider what makes content go viral , including ea