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Small Business Marketing Tips: How to Succeed on Social Media When You’re Strapped for Time and Money

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Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller Director of People @ Buffer
Small Business Marketing Tips: How to Succeed on Social Media When You’re Strapped for Time and Money

CEO of Small Biz Trends, Anita Campbell, joined us for Bufferchat to discuss small businesses and social media.

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small business marketing tips

From Anita:

  • “Money is perennial issue for #smallbiz. We bootstrapped all the way — that’s the slow way!”
  • “Another issue: Need for owners and staff to be more technical. You now have to know how to use so many tools today.”
  • “Another issue: finding time and people to get everything done. BIG issue for us – how about you all?

Other great insights:

  • “Time + task management with a small team! There are never enough hours in the day” @auderysaccone
  • “Must wear all hats at the same time #sales #finance #operation@brunowinck
  • “SmallBiz Challenge: Working IN the business (operations) vs. working ON the business (growth)” @heykarri
  • “Knowing when to outsource vs. do it yourself is an ongoing small biz challenge that can make all the difference in growth!” @zuulaconsulting

How can small businesses support each other online?

From Anita:

  • “How to support each other? Partnerships. Cross promote. Stronger together than alone, especially against big competitors.”

Other great insights:

  • “Businesses can support each other online by sharing valuable tips, sharing news and content, referring customers” @patentconsult
  • “Join local business clubs/associations. Network. Make friends & partnerships. Later you can ask for help/feedback.” @emilyacarlton
  • “Highlighting other businesses’ successes is a great way to compliment and share each other’s support networks” @FlyingPTDigital

What small business tips do you have for small business owners?

From Anita:

  • “Social media tip for A4: Be a human being. Change things up! Keep some spontaneity.”
  • “Organize it! There’s too much to do, without organization and tools. You’ll run yourself ragged!”
  • “One other social media tip that I had to learn: find your own voice. Many styles & approaches. Don’t be someone else – be YOU.”
  • “I like this from @brucerpdx –> Q4: Maintain a presence, but do NOT lose track of the signal to noise ratio.”

Other great insights:

  • “Be SOCIAL:) Dont just state facts. Interact, listen, and appreciate each followers opinion and presence” @IfeelprettyInc.
  • “Do your research. Plan ahead. Build calendars. Stay consistent. Take an hour a day to reply to everything.” @KaitMoffait
  • “Be present. Be polite. Be helpful. Be Responsive.” @RigginsConst
  • “Define your GOALS first. Then decide what you’re capable of given resources and do that WELL. Read and learn. Use tools.” @bldchris

What are your go-to resources to keep up on online marketing?

From Anita:

  • “We use @BizSugar for discovery! And I’m a huge Twitter fan – it’s a fabulous source for news. Twitter = fav network”

41 resources to stay on the cutting edge of online marketing

  1. Buffer blog
  2. Hubspot
  3. DuctTape Marketing
  4. Danny Brown
  5. Small Biz Trends
  6. Small Biz Lady
  7. Gary Vee
  8. Medium
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Moz
  11. EConsultancy
  12. Search Engine Land
  14. Growth Hackers
  15. The Next Web
  16. Mashable
  17. Jay Baer
  18. Social Fresh
  19. Seth Godin
  20. Ad Age
  21. Fast Company
  22. Jay Vig Media
  23. Venture Beat
  24. Brian Solis
  25. Brian Kramer
  26. Social Media Examiner
  27. Forbes Tech
  28. Simply Measured
  29. BrandWatch
  30. Inc Magazine
  31. Pew Research
  32. Think with Google
  33. Noah Kagan
  34. Neil Patel
  35. Michael Brito
  36. Pat Flynn
  37. Brian Fanzo
  38. Razor Social
  39. Chris Brogan
  40. Wired
  41. Tech Crunch

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